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Thanks a lot Aunt Becky... so here is the 4th photo in my 4th album...
Those are not Band-Aids as one might think, but they are "boy quitting patches." We were all obsessed with boys we needed to get over, so we used spiderman to help us. Both of those girls are now married, and so are all the boys we were trying to get over. Me? I'm single.

Meghan, tag, you're it!


Procrastinate now, don't put it off

So after about a week of school as a Rec Major I decided that my 13 credits was too much for me to handle, so I dropped my Sports Med Lab, which meant I was deficient 1 credit to be applicable for my financial aid. So I picked up 2 B.S. online library classes, worth .05 credits each. They say it should take about 15 hours of work, and to pace yourself. I knew that I probably wouldn't do anything for them until midterms at least, but I figured I could just do them at home, and I'll do anything to keep me off campus. Sure enough, midterms came, I got reminder emails and still did not even glance at them. I told myself I'd do it over Thanks Giving Break, yeah right. Over the break I received an email reminding me once again that all of my assignments were due Dec 6th at 5pm. Remember, I hadn't even logged in to the class yet. So, there I was, the week before finals, with 2 entire online classes to complete. Monday came and went, Tuesday flashed by, and soon enough it was Thursday night, and I still had not done a thing. I told myself I would do one class Friday afternoon, and one on Saturday. Well, with parties, my latest addiction to Prison Break and who knows what else I fill my time with, I woke up Saturday morning, in the same spot on was on Sept 20th. I had 6 hours to complete my assignments. Well guess who got it done by 4, with an hour to spare? That's right ladies and gentlemen! Here's the best part... the classes I signed up for were test taking skills, and time management. When asked in the evaluation what I learned from the time management class, I responded, "That I am an incredible procrastinator" But hey, I got it done, right?


Another night, Another show

I went to see "The Annuals" and "Minus the Bear" the other day. I had a big long post expressing my exact emotions which was everything from the euphoria of the music to the anger towards the moshers, but I figure no one really cares about reading my blog vomit, so I'll leave you with, "I had a good time."


Do I Make You Feel Pretty?

I was listening to a mystery song today, it's kind of catchy and this line jumped out at me...

"Is there a reason that you like me, 
do I make you feel pretty?"

That is it! Boys, if you want a girl to like you... all you have to do is make her feel pretty, and she will fall in love with you, if even just for that moment. (Now just saying it doesn't count... she's gotta FEEL it)


   [prit-ee] Show IPA Pronunciation   adjective, -ti⋅er, ti⋅est, noun, plural -ties, adverb, verb, -tied,-ty⋅ing.
–adjective  1.pleasing or attractive to the eye, as by delicacy or gracefulness


Now I just need to find the trick to men...


Who would have thought?

That hillbillies like these could be so poetic

Band of Horses "Part One"

to the bottom dear, i had to fall, but you really caught me, you really caught me, dear, at the bottom where i fall. 

and slowly dear, ask would you dance with me, here's the shades down; lights off 

i didn't know you 
you're everything i do done badly 
now i'll love you always 
even when i say, "distract me." 

and sit out tonight in some strange place, if we have no friends here, well i had a few to begin with 

to wake next to you in the morning, and good morning to you. how do you do? hey, good morning to you! more covers for you. sleep soundly dear cause i have to go. 

and i'll love you always. 
when we leave this place 
and drive back to carolina 
and down to savannah and stay

Guilty Pleasures...

Here is a list of a few of the things I secretly love, but hate to admit it... by order of feelings of guilt...

10. Seeing a stranger trip and fall, and being so happy I was in the right place at the right time
9. Not stopping for pedestrians or walking slowly across the crosswalk depending on how lazy I am that day
8. Eating out for every meal of the day
7. Facebook... (I will break down my actual facebook use another day. It'll be interesting, I promise.)
6. Suppressing a laugh in the library... usually because I am doing something in the library that I shouldn't be, like something from the news feed on facebook, watching a TV show or reading someone's blog because the internet is so stinkin fast!
5. Brownies... from 7-11
4. The Disney channel... I always catch myself pausing on it when Im channel surfing, then I realize I've already seen that episode of Hannah Montana "with one of my 8 nieces" and I quickly change the channel before my roommates catch me. 
3. *Nsync
2. Keeping track of what I wear. Want proof? On May 22, I wore a sweater vest and a striped button up underneath. (I'll explain why I do this on a later blog as well... oh the things to look forward to)

and the number one?...

1. Twilight


Braces ARE cool!

Remember in Elementary school when whatever the popular kids did or have was SO cool and became an insta-trend? For example; toe socks. The completely unconventional sock which separated and exposed each toe to not only prevent the natural insulation that a normal sock creates, but they showed off the ugliness of one's foot. Why it was a fad? I'll never know... but I had a rainbow striped pair, and one with fake painted toe nails on it, don't even ask... 

Let's get back on track... the reason we are here today, is to discuss braces. Most people had braces at some time in their life. Strangely enough, at one point it was actually COOL to have braces. Too early is weird and only for nerds, where as too late is unfortunate because when it came kissing time, everyone was afraid to get stuck (we've heard stories of that happening, but did anyone actually KNOW someone who's wires actually got tangled together? Didn't think so) If you didn't have braces, you either are extremely blessed, or more likely, you probably need them, but are too embarrassed to get them because you are passed the cool point. 

For example: 
This is the same girl. The before and after of braces... IN COLLEGE. You can compare and contrast these two photos for yourself...

Here is a breakdown of  coolness of which, depending on when you were lucky enough to ditch school every other month for an ortho appointment. 

(The Y axis represents the level of coolness where as the X axis represents the actual age)

Note: Headgear is NEVER cool. However rubber bands are, but mostly because they double has a hair accessory.

(thanks to Helga in the assistance of the graph)


The Deception of the FUN Size

Why is it that around Halloween time, we get all crazy with candy? If someone put a huge bowl of fun size candy in front of you, it will probably be disposed of within the hour. However, if it were a bowl of KING sized candy bars that had been placed there, you maybe would crack into one, and probably would not even finish it. Keep dreaming when it comes to eating more than one. 

So why do our brains think it's okay to eat a hundred "Fun" sized (which is not a very fun size might I add... it's more of an appetizer for the other 99 you are going to eat shortly after) But you feel like it will crash your diet to eat even one king? I think perhaps I think about treats a little too much.

Side note: What happened to the old King sized Reeses? The price hasn't changed, but they took out one of the cups. Where is the 4th cup Im paying for?! 

... I think I'll go running now 


Boys vs Cookies

Girls are to boys what cookies are to girls...

(The following is what goes through ones' head before "consuming" their temptation)

*That looks like a tasty treat...
*The temptation isn't really worth it.
*Do I REALLY want to commit to this cookie?
*Just one little nibble isn't really commitment right?
*I don't even like this cookie!
*Oh well, I just want to put my mouth on something...
*Oh gosh, there's no going back now
*When am I going to learn self control?
*Im going to regret that in the morning


My Boyfriend <3

Not my favorite song by him, but today it is.

I'm not afraid of you now
I know so I climb down from the bunk bed this slow
I can talk back to you now
I know from a few things that I learned from this TV show
You can work late til midnight; we don't care
We can fix our own meals, we can wash our own hair
I go to school before sunrise in the cold
And I pulled the alarm and I kicked up the salad bowls

Since the time we meant to say much more
Unsaid things begin to take their toll
After school we shovel through the snow
Drive upstate in silence in the cold

You can remind me of it
That I was lazy and tired
You can work all your life
As I'm not afraid of you anymore

If I loved you oh a long time
I don't know if I can recall the last time you told me so
Here in this house in Pittsfield
The ghost of our grandmother works at the sewing machine post
Hhiding the bills in the kitchen, on the floor,
And my sister lost her best friend in the Persian Gulf War.
There was a flood in the bathroom last May
And you kicked at the pipes when it rattled, oh the river it made

Stand there, tell me that I'm of no use
Things unspoken break us if we choose
There's still time to wash the kitchen floor
On your knees, the bath, the sink once more
You can remind me that I was tired
You can work late and do yourself honor
Now that I'm older, wiser and working less
I may regret having left the place a mess

You can remind me
That I was lazy and tired
You can work all your life
As I'm not afraid of you anymore


I confess...

I dance in the shower


Dyers + Dachshunds = <3

Seriously though, who could resist this?...

So it's no secret that Dyers love dachshunds. I suppose we get it from Grandpa Dead-Eye since he grew up with them. Sometimes I wonder how healthy our obsession is though. I mean, they are kinda stubborn and are territorial, but we love them anyway. (I've been told if I were a dog, I'd be a dachshund... I don't know if that's a compliment). They are plenty adorable though.

Our very own Midge


Things Im addicted to...

This blog is inspired by the twin on the right....

(a not so subtle shout out to you, Matt)

This man is uncontrollably addicted to 44 oz drinks from the ever so cheap, Horkley's. He frequents the gas station at least twice a day, usually more, for a cold Dr Pepper. You better believe when the DP is out, everyone knows about it.

I began to think about my addictions. We all have them. Let's see how many things we both can't live without...

*Diet Coke from Sonic with cherry and vanilla... the ice is the best part!

*G's Dairy (Thanks for keeping them in business year round with me Meg)


*Horkley's.. it had to be on there


*Cookies... preferably chocolate chip. Especially from Subway or Ben's cookies. YUM!

*Flirt texting

*Sufjan Stevens

*Chocolate chip pancakes... (I know. There's a lot of food on here. I've actually left a lot out. Like the cheesy bean and rice burrito from Taco Bell)

*Concerts... Especially the moment at a show when you can't help but close your eyes



Just Bein a (c)Hick

So the other day, we decided to embrace Idaho. After a few trips to Horkley's, bridge jumping and swimming in the river, we made our way over to the demolition derby. But not before a quick wardrobe change. We wanted to fit in with the locals.

I'm glad to report that we did catch a father/son mullet combo. I unfortunately did not capture it on film.

Too bad you can't tell that my shirt is a half shirt, or see my cowboy boots. Eat your heart out Vogue.

To complete the night, we finished at a bonfire.... I think we did it.


What Kind of Blogger am I?

So here it is... what you've all been waiting for... POST #2! What is it that has overwhelmed me to come out of the blogstalking closet? MATES OF STATE! That's who!

I just LOVE this duo/band/whatever you want to call them. You know how sometimes you can know about a band for a while, and not think much of them, then suddenly you hear a song that you've heard a million times and BAM! You're in band-love. Well here I am. Infatuated with these two, wishing I could somehow weasel my way into their marriage so that I could join their band.

I just love that they are married. I think that is what draws me to them the most. I mean, you hear these romantic songs, and you imagine them being about a real person, but you know their music is REAL because they are about each other. I love it.

Here they are at Sasquatch, where I first discovered them. Now that I know a little more about them, I wish I could go back and sing along.... Just look at them! They are BOTH singing with their eyes closed. They mean it.

So now what category is this? Would music be considered my spouse/kids/dog since I love it more than anything? Or is this Blog-Vomit where my emotions have overwhelmed me, and my pen cannot fill my diary fast enough? I guess we'll just have to see what I come up with next...


Reasons People Blog

1. They are so emotional that their diaries cannot hold all their feelings so they turn to the unlimited storage of the world wide web.

2. They LOVE their spouse/kids/dog so much that it's come to be their favorite topic and their friends have stopped faining interest.

3. They're just showing off their sweet skillz... armature novelists, photographers, world travelers and comedians alike

4. They want to rub in how much weight they are losing to all the other Weight Watching hopefuls

5. They use it strictly for blogstalking. (They usually only have 1 post)

6. They really just have something to say

So why have I jumped onto this crazy bloggin train? I'm not quite sure, I guess we'll just have to wait and find out together.