Just Bein a (c)Hick

So the other day, we decided to embrace Idaho. After a few trips to Horkley's, bridge jumping and swimming in the river, we made our way over to the demolition derby. But not before a quick wardrobe change. We wanted to fit in with the locals.

I'm glad to report that we did catch a father/son mullet combo. I unfortunately did not capture it on film.

Too bad you can't tell that my shirt is a half shirt, or see my cowboy boots. Eat your heart out Vogue.

To complete the night, we finished at a bonfire.... I think we did it.


Meghan said...

in the spirit of the word i keep using in an almost annoying amount...we are "legit" white trash. WURD

anna said...

totally DID that DERBY the year i was in REXBOG!! dope, dude...or should i say "gnarly!"

Stephanie Johnson said...

I just am blogging from blog-to-blog and found yours! hahahah you guys looked great!!

Rebecca said...

Mar-looks like a riot. Fun blog. You Dan-O Dyers are so creative!

alexismunoa said...

stop flipping us off with your cotton candy.

i can't wait to have snuggle time with you this weekend.


Kjrsten said...

Pete's jealous! And I coveteth that PJ half shirt!