Reasons People Blog

1. They are so emotional that their diaries cannot hold all their feelings so they turn to the unlimited storage of the world wide web.

2. They LOVE their spouse/kids/dog so much that it's come to be their favorite topic and their friends have stopped faining interest.

3. They're just showing off their sweet skillz... armature novelists, photographers, world travelers and comedians alike

4. They want to rub in how much weight they are losing to all the other Weight Watching hopefuls

5. They use it strictly for blogstalking. (They usually only have 1 post)

6. They really just have something to say

So why have I jumped onto this crazy bloggin train? I'm not quite sure, I guess we'll just have to wait and find out together.


mattb said...


Meghan said...

can i dictate to you so i can post my journal on here from the last year or so?

Kjrsten said...

SO TRUE I am guilty of about two of those, first my ameture photog skillz and next I love my family SO much, you included, so much it;s annoying!! YOU ARE THE BOMB DIGGIDY AND THIS BLOG IS THE BOMB.COM!

anna said...

no fair. you're the funny sister AND the pretty sister.... i thought we were from the same gene pool?? so, does this mean you will only have one post?

by the way, why does bambi look like he's afraid for his life?

alexismunoa said...

what the freak so i have one post gimme a break the husband wants a fmaily blog soo bad.. he must fall under the other category.. : ) well i guess i am guilty too but i use the FBook to proclaim my obsession. you make me giggle.

Kjrsten said...

too bad I didn't bring my pink (terry-cloth) wedgie suit, we could have been wedgie twins! Everybody has to get themselves a wedgie suit, or life just ain;t worth livin'!