What Kind of Blogger am I?

So here it is... what you've all been waiting for... POST #2! What is it that has overwhelmed me to come out of the blogstalking closet? MATES OF STATE! That's who!

I just LOVE this duo/band/whatever you want to call them. You know how sometimes you can know about a band for a while, and not think much of them, then suddenly you hear a song that you've heard a million times and BAM! You're in band-love. Well here I am. Infatuated with these two, wishing I could somehow weasel my way into their marriage so that I could join their band.

I just love that they are married. I think that is what draws me to them the most. I mean, you hear these romantic songs, and you imagine them being about a real person, but you know their music is REAL because they are about each other. I love it.

Here they are at Sasquatch, where I first discovered them. Now that I know a little more about them, I wish I could go back and sing along.... Just look at them! They are BOTH singing with their eyes closed. They mean it.

So now what category is this? Would music be considered my spouse/kids/dog since I love it more than anything? Or is this Blog-Vomit where my emotions have overwhelmed me, and my pen cannot fill my diary fast enough? I guess we'll just have to see what I come up with next...


Kjrsten said...


Mates of state, rule the school.


i reserve the right to use my blog as both
a. my scrapbook, since I have so many photos, it would take a library of scrapbooks to hold them all, therefore I need to let my photo cup runneth over on the world-wide-web!
b. I simply do not have a journal so blog-vomit speweth forth!

anna said...

no longer just a blog-stalker. keep it up and you might just make blogger-moms out there look shameful.

do you have to dress emo to appreciate this band? cuz i'm thinking it might just be your outfit today that inspired you to write this one. heh heh