Things Im addicted to...

This blog is inspired by the twin on the right....

(a not so subtle shout out to you, Matt)

This man is uncontrollably addicted to 44 oz drinks from the ever so cheap, Horkley's. He frequents the gas station at least twice a day, usually more, for a cold Dr Pepper. You better believe when the DP is out, everyone knows about it.

I began to think about my addictions. We all have them. Let's see how many things we both can't live without...

*Diet Coke from Sonic with cherry and vanilla... the ice is the best part!

*G's Dairy (Thanks for keeping them in business year round with me Meg)


*Horkley's.. it had to be on there


*Cookies... preferably chocolate chip. Especially from Subway or Ben's cookies. YUM!

*Flirt texting

*Sufjan Stevens

*Chocolate chip pancakes... (I know. There's a lot of food on here. I've actually left a lot out. Like the cheesy bean and rice burrito from Taco Bell)

*Concerts... Especially the moment at a show when you can't help but close your eyes



mattb said...

on the record...
i went only once yesterday and haven't gone today... yet.

hey, there is always crack.

anna said...

i'm a little addicted to your blog.

shipples said...

horkly's is to matt as you are to me