The Deception of the FUN Size

Why is it that around Halloween time, we get all crazy with candy? If someone put a huge bowl of fun size candy in front of you, it will probably be disposed of within the hour. However, if it were a bowl of KING sized candy bars that had been placed there, you maybe would crack into one, and probably would not even finish it. Keep dreaming when it comes to eating more than one. 

So why do our brains think it's okay to eat a hundred "Fun" sized (which is not a very fun size might I add... it's more of an appetizer for the other 99 you are going to eat shortly after) But you feel like it will crash your diet to eat even one king? I think perhaps I think about treats a little too much.

Side note: What happened to the old King sized Reeses? The price hasn't changed, but they took out one of the cups. Where is the 4th cup Im paying for?! 

... I think I'll go running now 


McDirty said...

I would like to point out that the deliciousness of Snickers bars is inversely proportionate to their size--meaning that the very smallest Snickers (the sub-fun-size ones in the gold wrappers) are vastly superior to a king-sized bar (which are nigh impossible to consume).

Think about it.

anna said...

i agree with mcdirty. the king sized snickers chocolate to peanuts to carmelly nouget is all wack and cannot be consumed in one sitting due to the height of the bar being so tall it makes my mouth hurt to get around it. on the other hand, those bite sized nuggets of goodness are sooooo wellllll yummy.

B said...

Oh great now i'm freaking hungry as death. I wish I hadn't read your blog cause now i'm so hungry. although while I was reading I laughed so maybe i lost a couple of calories.

B said...
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Christian said...

I think your hypothesis is valid and cunning. I know it is all a ploy by the candy company to make civilized countries fat and poor while they glut themselves on our poverty. As we speak I'm organizing a militia to wage war on the evil empire of candy companies. DEATH TO CHOCOLATE!