Guilty Pleasures...

Here is a list of a few of the things I secretly love, but hate to admit it... by order of feelings of guilt...

10. Seeing a stranger trip and fall, and being so happy I was in the right place at the right time
9. Not stopping for pedestrians or walking slowly across the crosswalk depending on how lazy I am that day
8. Eating out for every meal of the day
7. Facebook... (I will break down my actual facebook use another day. It'll be interesting, I promise.)
6. Suppressing a laugh in the library... usually because I am doing something in the library that I shouldn't be, like something from the news feed on facebook, watching a TV show or reading someone's blog because the internet is so stinkin fast!
5. Brownies... from 7-11
4. The Disney channel... I always catch myself pausing on it when Im channel surfing, then I realize I've already seen that episode of Hannah Montana "with one of my 8 nieces" and I quickly change the channel before my roommates catch me. 
3. *Nsync
2. Keeping track of what I wear. Want proof? On May 22, I wore a sweater vest and a striped button up underneath. (I'll explain why I do this on a later blog as well... oh the things to look forward to)

and the number one?...

1. Twilight


anna said...

TWILIGHT???? are you SERIOUS?? can we still be sisters?? come on, the shopaholic series was one thing...but a CULT like twilight? i suppose you know which character you are like and have THAT posted on your facebook?? ugh.

mattb said...

eyes are rolling with your number one pick.
what about dressing up on tuesday for devo having the image of going to get spiritual fed but instead being fed carnally.

shipples said...

twilight? seriously? could you hear my eyes roll?