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Thanks a lot Aunt Becky... so here is the 4th photo in my 4th album...
Those are not Band-Aids as one might think, but they are "boy quitting patches." We were all obsessed with boys we needed to get over, so we used spiderman to help us. Both of those girls are now married, and so are all the boys we were trying to get over. Me? I'm single.

Meghan, tag, you're it!


Procrastinate now, don't put it off

So after about a week of school as a Rec Major I decided that my 13 credits was too much for me to handle, so I dropped my Sports Med Lab, which meant I was deficient 1 credit to be applicable for my financial aid. So I picked up 2 B.S. online library classes, worth .05 credits each. They say it should take about 15 hours of work, and to pace yourself. I knew that I probably wouldn't do anything for them until midterms at least, but I figured I could just do them at home, and I'll do anything to keep me off campus. Sure enough, midterms came, I got reminder emails and still did not even glance at them. I told myself I'd do it over Thanks Giving Break, yeah right. Over the break I received an email reminding me once again that all of my assignments were due Dec 6th at 5pm. Remember, I hadn't even logged in to the class yet. So, there I was, the week before finals, with 2 entire online classes to complete. Monday came and went, Tuesday flashed by, and soon enough it was Thursday night, and I still had not done a thing. I told myself I would do one class Friday afternoon, and one on Saturday. Well, with parties, my latest addiction to Prison Break and who knows what else I fill my time with, I woke up Saturday morning, in the same spot on was on Sept 20th. I had 6 hours to complete my assignments. Well guess who got it done by 4, with an hour to spare? That's right ladies and gentlemen! Here's the best part... the classes I signed up for were test taking skills, and time management. When asked in the evaluation what I learned from the time management class, I responded, "That I am an incredible procrastinator" But hey, I got it done, right?