My Father the Hero

Warning: This is a true story and is not for the faint of heart (sorry to those who have heard it. I find it remarkable)

The following images are to assist in picturing exactly what took place
Left to right: 
Victim (Midge), Hero #2 (Scout)

There was a tragedy at the Dyer household in the wee hours one Thursday morning. It all started when my dad awoke early, one snowy morning to let the dogs outside. After a few short minutes, he heard a commotion in the backyard. Our chocolate lab, Scout, was in full alarm. Barking frantically at the door. My dad opened the door, but she would not come in. Instead, she turned into Lassie and lead him to the scene of the accident, the pool side. Once they got down to the pool, my dad saw that our miniature dachshund had somehow ended up in the middle of the pool, and fallen through the ice. 

In a panic, he sought to find some sort of pole, or net for rescue, but found that there were no such resources, and resolved to save her himself. (My dad LOVES his dogs). He striped down to his birthday suite, and jumped in. The water was ice cold and breath taking. With what energy he could muster up, he swam to the side and  heaved the dog out of the water. This left him in the deep end of the pool, and a 10 ft swim to the ladder. 

His breath was short and his muscles began to tighten. When he reached the ladder, he found that he had used up all his energy and his body was shutting down. He was near paralysis and could not pull himself up on the ladder. (This is all fact). The labrador was now in his face barking hysterically. He thought of calling to one of the neighbors, or perhaps one of the workers in the empty lot next door, but knew it was far too early for anyone to be up. In his final attempts of desperation, he threw his arms around Scout, who was still in a panic. 

Note: If you have swam in our pool, you will know that Scout will not go near the water. (It is a result of my brothers and me pulling her in one too many times.) 

When my dad grabbed onto her neck, she crouched into a defensive position, and pulled back from him so that he would not pull her in to join his icy tomb. Fortunately for my dad, Scout's move was just the leverage he needed to get up onto the ladder. (I kid you not)

After pulling himself out of the pool, he laid on the side, catching his breath. Soon he remembered he was naked and scurried back into the house where he found an already warmed dachshund. Fortunately hypothermia did not set in for either of them.

I suppose Scout was the real hero that morning.


anna said...

i just have a couple things to add:

first of all, i wonder if the TRUE victim here was dano. perhaps the two dogs decided to lure HIM into the pool...having no real knowledge of what an icy pool of water would do to a human they did it just to see what would happen...?

and secondly, you forgot to mention that he lay there for a few minutes to regain strength and thinking he was feeling warmer by the second when he realized that the "light" was beckoning him. whereupon, he went back into the house to find the little dog nestled under the bear rug.

and third, you forgot to mention that the lab was nearly put down last summer when she caught pnemonia and seemed listless for days. if the lab had not been there, dad would not have been alerted of the dauchsund's descent into the icy waters. and therefor, he and the lab would not have been heros. sad to think about.

Christian said...

My only question is how many movie studios have contacted you for rights to make this into the full feature length film this story deserves. If none have talked to you as of yet consider this the first.

Kjrsten said...

let's not forget VAL the unsung hero, remaining calm in a time of panic!

I now believe this was all a conspiracy theory plotted by musi trying to get dano to join her in heaven, since all dogs go to heaven you know so that is where she resides now, OBVIOUSLY!