Procrastinate now, don't put it off

So after about a week of school as a Rec Major I decided that my 13 credits was too much for me to handle, so I dropped my Sports Med Lab, which meant I was deficient 1 credit to be applicable for my financial aid. So I picked up 2 B.S. online library classes, worth .05 credits each. They say it should take about 15 hours of work, and to pace yourself. I knew that I probably wouldn't do anything for them until midterms at least, but I figured I could just do them at home, and I'll do anything to keep me off campus. Sure enough, midterms came, I got reminder emails and still did not even glance at them. I told myself I'd do it over Thanks Giving Break, yeah right. Over the break I received an email reminding me once again that all of my assignments were due Dec 6th at 5pm. Remember, I hadn't even logged in to the class yet. So, there I was, the week before finals, with 2 entire online classes to complete. Monday came and went, Tuesday flashed by, and soon enough it was Thursday night, and I still had not done a thing. I told myself I would do one class Friday afternoon, and one on Saturday. Well, with parties, my latest addiction to Prison Break and who knows what else I fill my time with, I woke up Saturday morning, in the same spot on was on Sept 20th. I had 6 hours to complete my assignments. Well guess who got it done by 4, with an hour to spare? That's right ladies and gentlemen! Here's the best part... the classes I signed up for were test taking skills, and time management. When asked in the evaluation what I learned from the time management class, I responded, "That I am an incredible procrastinator" But hey, I got it done, right?


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

snot your fault. genetics baby.

alexismunoa said...

dude i just did the same thing and I am pretty sure I did really well on it... haha!!! miss you!

Kjrsten said...

a sister after my own heart!

Brandon said...

oh my gosh, i'm dying! you are MOST DEFINATELY my sister!! i now know for sure that we're cut from the same gannah cloth. oh, i did this kind of thing EVERY SEMESTER at the u of u. and by the way, C's and D's get degrees. although, i usually got A's and B's in this kind of a course...oh, and i'm sure you will too.

love YOU

BTW, my word is pateduer. what is a pateduer?? come on, say something scholarly.


Quinn the Eskimo said...

haha, i now know 4 people who have taken time management (including myself). out of those 4, i know 4 who didn't start the class more than a week before the deadline to finish it, but i think you win.