Some people think I don't do anything at school...

These are some of my projects from this semester


5 days

7 class periods
1 cake
1 box of 4 books
1 final

And that's it. Forever.


Your nose hairs will freeze!

That's not just an expression. It really happens. I've lived through 6 Rexburg winters. I think this is the coldest yet, and it's only December. Good thing Im heading South with the birds. This morning I was walking to class, and my breath froze. Im not just talking the white cloud when you talk. Im talking my scarf and hat strings had a white crystal encrusted all over by the time I got to school. I looked a lot like this guy.


Is it worth the cold?

It's not news to anyone that it's cold outside. So once the sun is down, I try not to leave my apartment. Which means my social life has taken a hit, and I've been watching a lot of TV. It doesn't help that it was just Thanks Giving break, and before that I was sick for a week and before that, I was in Utah. Thing is, Im graduating soon, so Im trying to accustom myself to a new social network. Except, Im starting to get bored. I don't think I thought this through very well. Perhaps braving the cold is worth it. If you want me, for now I'll be drinking cocoa and catching up on my stories.


Retraction. Part II

Due to further complaints, the blog "Linzi Parizio is a Total BRAT" has been deleted.


Unbecoming Comedian

So... Im funny. There I said it. Why do you think you read this? But here's the thing, lately I've been thinking about whether I really want to be known as "the funny girl." Here's why. Don't get me wrong. I love Kathy. Although crass at times, girl is hilarious! However, I've been thinking, no matter how feminine she dresses or how big her hair is, she just reminds me of a man! And it's not just Kathy. No matter how much makeup they put on, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Jenny Mccarthy, Ellen [wishes she were a man], and Parker Posie are a bit overwhelming. There is something about "the funny girl" that is overpowering and masculine.

So lately, I've been trying to tone it down. Just try and be "the laugher." Everyone likes the laugher, right? Well today I was walking to school, and I ran into a girl from my ward. We've been in the same ward for over a year now, but I still don't know this girl very well, but felt obligated to walk to class with her because we SHOULD know each other. Forgetting my rules of being "the laugher," I got on a roll and had this girl laughing so hard the whole way to school. Oh, how it feels good to do that. I even forgot it was -6 degrees outside.

Screw being the laugher



Happy Thanks Giving Time Everyone!
Thanks to my family, and my friends. And thanks to the Indians for teaching us about corn and how to cook a turkey and for the birth of the pie! YUM!
I wish this pilgrim were here this year to creep into all our photos again. Maybe he'll be at Christmas? Now go buy a lottery ticket



I'm in a musical rut. Any suggestions? Before you comment, remember I'm A Snob, and will probably judge you. I want something that will make me cry, not because I'm sad, but because it is THAT GOOD.

So let's hear it



Apparently, more people read my blog than I thought because the only people that comment are my siblings and my besties. Due to this, some people that I thought would never see this saw it, and were a little upset. All I can say is, "IM SOOOOO SORRY!" Ironic? I guess I didn't learn my lesson after all.


Aim, Shoot, A Basketball Hoop

You know when you are listening to a song you love, and someone else sings different lyrics that you haven't ever heard before? And suddenly, it occurs to you that what you've been singing has little to do with the song. 

One time [3 years ago] we were driving down to Portland, listening to Michael Jackson. I have loved Michael since I can remember [thank you Duffy]. I didn't realize that whatever lyrics I came up with when I was 8, probably aren't the right ones. That is until my brother called me out and asked if I was singing "Aim, shoot, a basketball hoop." [I totally was] I of course, was too embarrassed to fess up, so I told him that I was just mumbling and I didn't really know what I was singing. I didn't realize at the time, that faking that you know the lyrics is just as embarrassing as singing the wrong lyrics. 

When I was 8, it made sense for the lyrics to correspond to basketball because the video features Michael Jordan. [The Michaels shoot hoops together. Cute right?] Well apparently the correct lyrics are, "It ain't, too, much for me to" and Andrew was sure to let me know.

Pretty sure Kriss Kross [make ya wanna jump!] make a guest appearance. Watch till the end. It's worth it.


Where Idaho Begins

Some people hate Malad. I for one love it. I've been down to Utah so much in the past 5 years, probably 100+ times.  Weird that I wont be making that drive anymore. 


12:01 Marathon

The midnight Sharis run is very much like going for a run. We go every Sunday night. I know it's coming, so I mentally prepare myself all day. I know Im going to be tired, and exhausted, especially after, but I go anyway. Every time. And I LOVE it. There's some high I get from eating a full breakfast when I should be sleeping in preparation for my 8 am class (which I always end up skipping.) I tell myself Im just going to get a milkshake, but every time I end up getting a full meal. It's like being in the gym for an hour and a half even though I had just planned to run a mile. I figure I'm already tired and hurting, might as well, right? Good thing our trusty waiter Kenny is always working the night shift, and he loves me. He's always hookin [just] me up with free drinks or milk shakes. Makes the trip totally worth it! 


Scripture Power!

It might seem unusual, but for my 12th birthday, I opened up a new scripture set, and I was stoked. Yes, I liked my name being printed on the front, but I was mostly excited about the transparent pictures my parents got to go with it. I remember staying up late that night and putting them in. 

Flash forward 11 years, and Im still using the same triple combo. Im not so excited about those pictures now. In fact Im always a little humiliated when I turn to a page that has the cartoons on them, as if I need pictures to understand what's going on. Come on, I might be sitting by my eternal companion! 


That is sooooooooo Indie

Music. Shows. Going to shows. Talking about shows. Talking about music. Talking about music at shows. Talking. Talking. Talking.
Art. Specifically photography
Mac. For all of your creativity
Urban Outfitters
2nd hand anything. Especially clothing. 
Any shade of Turquoise or Sea-foam Green
Living the dream in the big city
Being broke
Bicycles. Walking. GO [Sea-foam] GREEN!
Vegetarianism/ Veganism 
Vinyl records (this includes recordings of digital music. I don't care what you say, it's not better. Analog is analog. Digital is digital)

Funny how we're all trying to be different, just like everybody else. Since when did Independent become so dependent? 

Disclaimer: I don't claim to be above any of these things and Im guilty for more than one. Don't be offended cause you know it's true. I love you.


90's Marion

Meet 90's Marion.
(She's the one holding the basket with the very live bunny)

She is like no one you have met before, or maybe she is like every 8 year old that is the baby of the family. She hated everything, including but not limited to: anything that might hurt, being teased by brothers, going to the mall, blow drying hair, and chicken. She often wore a side pony tail with a frown on her face. Of course the bottom lip would be protruding to emphasize sadness. In 2nd grade she was assigned to write down what her favorite things were. She wrote, "eating ice cream, being sad and rollerblading." (she added rollerblading because she thought she should have something active on there, but in truth, she hated being active.) Although it didn't quite make the list, she really liked horses and had posters of them on her walls from the Scholastic book fair.

I don't know when 90's Marion died, but sometimes I miss her... but mostly I don't.


Art Talk is the New Pillow Talk

The other night me and the girls had a sleep over. Before bed, we all had a little project to finish up. [Mine was the book pictures above] It's common for girls to open up when falling asleep, but I've never experienced such bonding as I did while craft talkin.

As I'm closing my college career, Im realizing how much I have grown since I've been here, and I attribute much of who I've become to moments like this. 

Tonight, Im thankful for [new] friends, for trust, and for creativity. 


Love at first flight... or not

I used to secretly hope to meet the man of my dreams on an airplane. I would spot him in security, and forget about him until I realise that somehow we were magically seated next to each other. We would share stories and laugh, completely forgetting the drink cart. When people would ask how we met, we would use a line like, "in the clouds."
This nearly happened to in my travels this last trip home. Well everything but the man of my dreams and falling in love part.
I sat down next to an older than me, unattractive man who did not care that I had obnoxiously large head phones on. He decided to talk to me anyway. He asked me what I was listening to, and told me he likes jazz. If you know me, you know I like music and I'm always open to discovering something new. So when he asked to plug my headphones into his Ipod, I let him, plus he seemed to know what he was talking about. Little did I know he'd be showing me bands like Rush, and Alanis Morissette, despite the fact I told him I am sexist and don't like girl "musicians." I hoped the flight attendant's encouragement to turn off all electronics would put an end to it. Of course it only riled him up and made him feel sneaky. Soon he was showing me crappy footage of his Mid Life Crisis band playing shows at a bar. I don't know how I did it, but somehow he gave me my headphones back and let me do my own thing.
When I took out my computer to watch a movie, he offered to let me use his promo code for free in flight wireless. Just as I thought he redeemed himself, he leaned over while I was putting in my information and said, "Now I know your name." I guess I'm just awaiting his facebook friend request.
When we got off the plane, I thought that would be the end of him, but to my dismay, he was on my returning flight out of Seattle. Needless to say I hid behind a pole until he got on board.


Go big or go home

Saw this in the library today. Check out the height on that sucker. Both of them. I don't know if you can tell, but hers is a good 5 inches higher than the top of her head. Impressive. 


Who's your doppelganger

Tell me they aren't the same woman?

Bad Day

I should have known it was going to be a rough day when I stubbed my toe this morning, and bled all over the bathroom floor. 

Because of the first aide I administered, I was a few minutes late getting out the door. 

About half way to school I remembered that I would be walking in to take a vocabulary test. One that I had not studied for. So, I whipped out my definitions and while juggling my book arts supplies, quickly reviewed on my way to class. I only dropped everything once. 

After class I went to the library to cut some rather large and expensive paper down so that I could turn it into a book. Once the paper was cut, I realized I had measured for the wrong dimensions. I would have to buy more paper and go to class unprepared. 

I didn't have time to get lunch, so I hurried to the Hart for Water aerobics. When I removed my boot, I saw that my bandage did not stop the blood flow, but my sock sure did. After I got out of the pool, I had to put my bloody sock back on.

On my way to class, I found a PB & J I had made earlier this week that I had forgotten about. It was delicious. 

On Thursdays, Book Arts starts 15 min after Water Aerobics gets out, not leaving much time to shower. Im usually late. Fortunately my teacher doesn't even care if we are there, but everyone goes because it is so fun. Except today wasn't very fun. I bought new paper, and cut it down to size. Only to find that I had made the same mistake as before. 

At this point my brain hurt with frustration, so I just called it a day. Now, I'm going to get a diet coke, and head over to the DI. Hopefully the 2nd half of my day will be better than the 1st.


Lunch Break

Senioritis is in full effect. Today I had class in the ceramics studio from 8 am till 2 pm. That is a crazy long time to be working with clay. Twice a week. When I found out my friends were going to Taco Bell in the middle of ceramics, I was more than happy to join them. (I LOVE me some Taco Bell, I go 5 times a week! Minimum!) The problem was I had just sat down in my second 3 hour block of pottery when I received the "I'm hungry" text. My teacher was in the middle of a demo, and I had to construct 5 bowls before the critique at 1:10. It was currently 11:00. Man, I really wanted that Taco bell. So what did I do? I did what anyone else would do. I whipped out 5 bowls in an hour, left class, ate a delicious cheesy bean and rice burrito, washed it down with a diet (my only one of the day, thank you) and went back to class in time for the critique. My teacher had no idea I was gone. 


Seeing Clearly

What you are seeing is for real. A proactive vending machine in the Idaho Falls mall. We may not have a Nordstrom, but you can have clear skin with the press of a button. Shipping and Handling free! Thanks Jessica!


Elephants and Donkeys... both stubborn

I think I am the antithesis to Tori's most recent blog. I'll start by saying that I too love my mac. I was trained on a Mac. But, I forgot how to use them, and relearned everything on PC. Not too long ago, I was judged for not being able to work a mac, despite my elementary computer classes.

My PC started out sucking and ended up sucking even more, so I went computer shopping.

I looked seriously into both. I agree with Myke, that many business and finance programs do not run on macs. Also the more expensive PC's run just as well as macs. Did I mention that most IT and IS majors prefer PC's? They know computers best, so maybe we should take that into account. Think of it like asking a mechanic verses a used car salesmen what kind of car to buy. Both might know a lot about cars, but I'm going to trust one over the other. But since I am a "Rec" (okay, University Studies) major, I don't have many qualifications for my computer, seeing as I mostly use it for music, facebook and other important things like blogging, I went with a mac. I bought my mac for 800 bucks, not THAT expensive. Unless I wanted to replace my exact piece-of-shiz dell (which I currently have propped up under my mac) I probably would have paid close to the same. Plus, macs are sooooooo indie.

But seriously, to each his own. Maybe everyone should be vaguely familiar with both, so that we democrats and republicans might co-exist.


Pillow Talk

You know when you're at a slumber party, and who ever falls asleep first gets their bra put in the freezer, or their hand in warm water? I find another common occurrence is to start talking about said person. Good or bad. What is it about people sleeping that makes us think it's okay to talk about them? You KNOW they'll wake up when they hear their name. *They're probably faking anyway ;-)

*Although this post may reflect an actual scenario, I reassure you that this is completely hypothetical and no harsh feelings. Swear.


Duc(t)k Tape

Sooo... I have a wart. There I said it. In fact, I have two. I got them from working at the pool in high school. I finally decided to do something about it. Although I've already stood up to some ridiculing about my blue half cast on my foot, I'm trying the duct tape method. We'll see how this works. Apparently doctors recommend it. Who knew? 
(this picture of my foot is for you Katelyn)
And yes, I have to cover the whole foot or else it wont stay! Curse you sweaty feet!


In lite of my busy schedule

I don't know WHO picked my classes. But they planned my lunch break on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a time when literally everyone is in class. Not only that, but every one of my classes are at the bottom of the hill, and I live at the top of the hill. Meaning I stay on campus until I have to walk my butt home. (I hate the Drive or Walk campaign. The people who made it did not consider those who live at the Ridge. Which is weird because the world revolves around us). So, I stay on campus. ALL day. With nothing to do. And no one to eat lunch with. Maybe I'll get addicted to some television series and watch it in the privacy of the 2nd floor of the library between classes. Do homework you say? Study? What's that?


The Home Stretch

This (hopefully) is my final semester of college. I decided to fill my schedule with VERY challenging classes. 


Happy Anniversary Baby!

It is a happy anniversary indeed! Today is my one year of blogging. Thank you, thank you! We did it. Together! 

Let's take a look back at my first post. REASONS PEOPLE BLOG. If you can't quite recall, and you're too lazy to click the link here is a brief synopsis of why I think people blog. 
1. Diary
2. Bragging about their loved ones
3. Bragging about themselves
4. Bragging about losing weight
5. Blogstalking
6. To enlighten... bragging about how smart they are

Was I right? Or was I right?


Be A Man

Real men... Throw rocks really far. Build stuff. Chop wood. Tell funny jokes. Are Debonair. Ask girls on dates. Open doors. Write letters. Offers a jacket, even to cover a puddle. Make the first move. Drive. Fix the dishwasher (or call someone to fix the dishwasher). Take their kids to breakfast every Saturday so Mom can sleep in. Discipline and hold their ground. 

Most of all, make their woman feel like a lady.


Escalades Make You Skinny

My mom came from a generation of crash dieting. Everyone was always stocking their houses with grapefruits or slimfasts when they wanted to shed a few pounds for swim suit season. Now I think people have started to realize that living healthy is the best way to go about it. 

I heard today that chocolate makes your clothes shrink. You know what I say to that? Buy bigger clothes! Get some Thanks Giving Pants and embrace the Sundaes! I also realized from experience that if you get a bigger car, you feel like a smaller person. Thus, Escalades make you skinny. It's worth the investment.


Ramona Falls

My heart's been frozen, but I think I found what I've been looking for...
As beautiful a sight as this is, I'm not talking about the falls. I'm talking about the band. I am in love with music again. 

It's been a while. I missed you.



The 7 week break makes you do crazy things. One day we sat down and made a list of activities we wanted to accomplish over the break, like go camping and fishing, normal summer activities. Well one day Ford got the big idea to go for a big walk. He gathered up a posse and walked from Rexburg to Winco in Idaho Falls, something like a 25 mile walk. 
Now they've done it, and I think they are regretting it, but at least they made the news. 

Great job fellas! Im proud of you! Im sad I couldn't have been apart of it. 


Starz and Stripez 4EVER!

Yesterday, while going to Yellowstone for free day, We drove by President Obama. His entourage was in the opposite lane, which meant I was within 20 feet of him, at most. That's closer than I could have gotten at any rally or speech.

I'll just tack that to one of my 2 celeb sightings. You are now all famous by association.


My Thinking Spot

Everyone has one. For some, it might be in the shower, or when they're falling asleep, others when they exercise. Me? Mine's on the pot.

I don't know what it is, but every time I go to the bathroom, I come back with all kinds of ideas. Doesn't matter if it's only been 30 seconds, I will come back with a new topic of conversation, a resolve to an issue, or I'll have remembered something that I've been meaning to get done for months. 


School is for fools. Part Duece.

So, I almost failed all my classes this semester. Literally.

I have been proud of my straight C's for the past 4+ years. Im continuously uttering the phrase, "It's just (*insert important class)" The point is, it doesn't matter what it is, I will rationalize a reason why I need to go bridge jumping right then, and how my class is irrelevant.

Normally, this is not an issue. At midterms, I was on track for a 2.o. Then I went out of town for 10 days the week before finals, only to forget to turn in several projects, and papers and I didn't take an online exam while I was gone. (I was at Banks Lake. COME ON!)

So I came back to a disaster. I had emails from my teachers asking if I was okay because they hadn't seen or heard from me for a couple of weeks. Well, I turned on my Dyer charm and, that's right, sweet talked my way into a second chance. Now we all know that I am the last person to deserve their saving grace, I did this to myself. Regardless, I think I may even get B's due to their Christian hearts. Boy how I love BYU-Idaho.

*By important class, I know what you're thinking, and no, I do not take Chemistry. Im referring to Sculpture or Canoeing or something.


What's my stereotype?

I have noticed in my many years that people stereotype others. No matter what. In my many years, I have come to the conclusion that they are usually inaccurate, just how every blonde is not dumb. How someone is described on paper is not what they are in real life. I am going to describe 3 people, and I want you to guess who is who and what their stereotype is.....

Person 1:
Wears gladiator sandals, cut offs and a purple sweatshirt from American Apparel every day. Has swooping bangs and a dramatic A-line bob. Has a specific taste in music and loves attending shows. 

Person 2: 
Wears flat billed hats, plaid shorts, and skater shoes. Has more than one car, including a truck and a mustang. Other toys include a 4 wheeler, snow mobile and a motorcycle. Is loaded, single, and the ladies love him. 

Person 3:
Wears DI dresses every day. Cuts own hair, and doesn't even brush it. Rides a road bike and loves camping, swimming and doing anything outside. 

Have a good image in your head? Now let me mix it up a little...

Did you know that person 1 is full Mexican from Georgia and is not artistic and doesn't like skinny boys?
Did you know person 2 has never sold for summer sales?
Did you know person 3 doesn't own Chacos and would never give up meat?



This one goes the the King of Pop.

I don't care what anyone says. You were a genius. One of the biggest influences on music. One of the biggest influences on my childhood. See you on the other side buddy.

(There were 15+ feeds in a row on my facebook about his death. Guess Im not the only one that will miss him)


Ostrich Effect

When playing hide and seek with a 4 year old, the best place to look is usually right in front of you. I guess they get all flustered while you are counting, and can't find a place, so they panic and stay where they are and maybe put a blanket on their head, but usually just cover their eyes. You see, if they can't see you, you can't see them, much like an ostrich hiding their head in the sand.

I find that as and adult, I still use this method. When I don't want something to be there, I just close my eyes and Vuala! It's gone. I use this method to hide from something scary, or after embarrassing myself, and sometimes when I see someone that I don't want to talk to. If I look away or merely close my eyes, they vanish and I don't have to have the awkward conversation with my best friend's Ex.

The idea behind this is, if you don't see it, it's not there. I find that this is the most effective strategy to avoid all problems; bad grades, low fund-age in my bank account, contention with roommates, and doing my laundry. If I don't look, it's not there. Problem solved. Riiiiiiiiight?


I'm Addicted To You

I don't like to post about the actual events in my life because let's face it, no one really cares what I did all week. I'll save it for my journal. Today is an exception because I had the most AMAZNG weekend. I found a new love. Canyonero, I mean Canyoneering.

Seriously one of the most exausting weekends of my life, but so rewarding. We did 4 canyons with 16 rapels, 7 waterfalls, cliff jumping, the birth canal, too many slots to count where we would squeeze through gaps where the walls were just wide enough to side step through and drop down 15 ft without a rope, using just the friction from our bodies on the rocks.

I am sore, cut, bruised, zitty, I have cold sores, I got hives, didn't have a bathroom or shower and went 3 days without a diet coke.

This may have been the best weekend of my life


I don't think I want to think about it

This pretty much describes how I feel about a lot of things these days...



*Yesterday I was hoped on meds and thought I was really funny so I wrote a lot of blogs. By the time I was done, I couldn't hardly see anymore, so I didn't trust my judgement to actually post them (hence the missing Lindsey Parisio). I think I will still post them, but just know that I was not using proper judgement when I wrote them*


Textual Relations

I would like to address how technology has taken over our lives. With the advance in technology, we now have well over 10 ways to communicate with each other, with everything from telegrams to video chat. You would think that by having so many opportunities to get to know someone, we would be closer and conversation would flow more easily in person. Yet, I find this to be the opposite of what actually happens.

We become so comfortable hiding behind our cyber masks, that face to face becomes awkward and forced. You have to actually be yourself, instead of the person you invented, and you actually have to think on your toes. You don't have time to write and rewrite the perfect message. These are dangerous grounds.

All I'm sayin is when participating in textual relations, be careful. Use Protection.



Boyz love bratz. And I'm not talkin the doll

This has always been a mystery to me. Something about waiting an extra 45 minutes for a date, or being forced to take them somewhere else when there is something wrong with the atmosphere really peaks a guy's interest. I don't get it. I always thought by being the laid back, nice girl, that I was better than the bratz. But for some reason, the bratz always have boyz knockin down the door, and I'm stuck with a *frush.

After much research and discussion with my guys in the friend zone, I have come to a conclusion; I think it has something to do with making them happy. They feel satisfied and manly if they can somehow appease the brat. I think it has something to do with feeling needed, or being the one to tame the beast. I compare this to my fasination with shy boyz. I love being the one that can break them out of their shell, and being the only one that really knows what they're thinking.

So this brings me to the dilemma at hand. Is it worth being a brat to get a boyfriend? Or am I doomed to be a 23 year old friend?

*Frush: When one develops strong feelings for a friend. Feelings are often left unsaid, and nothing usually comes of it.

WARNING: If addressed, frushes usually ruin friendships, and can make things really weird.


My Family Tree

I love my family. Apparently I talk about them a lot. You would too if they were yours. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing because it sounds like I have a hundred brothers and 56 sisters that all do different things. Here is a key to help determine who is who...

These two right here
started it all...

I have a brother named Duff. His real name is Daniel, but because that's my dad's name, he has never gone by it. Duff is the funny one. Okay, we're all the funny one, don't tell Duff though. Duff is the oldest, and loves Michael Jackson. Went to Ricks, met Keirra, they were married and moved back to UP. They currently live 2 houses from my parents. They have 4 girls, including their oldest, Emma, who is the closest thing I have to a younger sibling.

Next is Anna who is married to Brandon Parker. They have known each other since they were 12, and were married after a summer of dating and a 10 day engagement so that she could join him at BYU-Idaho. The only grandsons in the family are the product of these 2 (about 15 months apart). Lucky for Anna their oldest, Isla, is a good helper. Anna has great style and is my running/shopping/diet coke partner when I go home because she lives only .3 miles from my parents.

This is Kjrsten (with a J) and her husband Peter. She is a budding photographer, who I get most of my music from and still goes to Sasquatch even though Pete is pushing 40. (JK pete) I love going to Portland to visit the Madsens and their 3 girls. Kjrst, with Anna's help, started the CuteDay blog. She too is very stylish and may not be able to paint like our mom, but she expresses herself through her clothes.

I have a brother. His name is Keith. In Feb, he married a half cuban girl, his Carribean Queen. Her name is Jenny Jones, related to Mike Jones. I have a brother that started Platinum. He used to live in Rexburg and I was his slave (for a price) where I did everything from his laundry to running errands and sending faxes. Now he lives in Provo where I have my own "wing" (Okay, they couldn't get their furniture into the master bedroom because of the angles, so it is the guest room). Keith is indecisive, and if a cupcake is involved, can be persuaded into anything. He loves Yahtzee and got us all into Pearl Jam.

These are the A's. Not the athletes, Andrew and Alexis. They started off by having a textual relationship while Andrew was driving truck here in Idaho. Last August they were married, and now they are living in SanDiego, but will be back in Provo in the fall. They often meet up with me for shows in SLC. They are the musicians. Andrew is "secretly funny" and is the closest to my age, Together, we used to be known as "the geeks". He is 6'4, though our mom will debate that he is at least 6'6.

And, that's it. I hope this helped...


I need a diet coke... STAT!

This little friend is the 1/2 gallon, Mega Jug from KFC. I think it is meant to be used more like a pitcher for family meals than personal beverages. I got one just for me....

The last couple days, I have had over 80 oz of Diet coke. A day. I think I'm addicted. I told myself I'd never be one of those people.... But no, I will not quit Diet Coke. Not now anyway, it is far too delicious. But I think I have a serious problem. Perhaps I'll ween myself to a measly daily dose of 44 oz.



When my generation was younger, we had a computer class in school. Basically, it gave our teachers a break, and we played Oregon Trail. If that happened today, I imagine they would be playing something like War Of The Worlds. Soon we grew up and actually started learning how to use the computer, and typing. I can type "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" like 38 times in a minute, but I didn't learn that from Computer class. IMing was my teacher

I spent more time online chatting with my friends, then I did in the flesh with my friends. Yes, I am guilty of going into chat room and answering the ASL? 14(I was 11)/female/Seattle(Tacoma). Don't worry Mom and Dad, I only did it a few times, and I didn't inhale.

I believe it was this technology that paved the way for the reign of text messaging. It got us comfortable with communicating through cyberspace. Now, if we are surrounded by a group of people, we talk to everyone else, but those who are in the room. 5th graders have cell phones and LOVE to send mass texts of, "Send this to 10 friends, or our will have bad luck." I remember when those used to come in emails!

These poor kids today are missing out on IM. How are they going to learn to type papers? Will they just text them to their teachers?


5 years is a blessing

My mom is the most wonderful, kind, charitable woman I know. I'm so grateful to have her



I'll get around to it



So I just finished reading, "The Handmaid's Tale"


It's all about the ultimate socialism and corrupted government. It raises all kinds of questions, and then just, ENDS.

I'm furious.


The dreaded question...

"What's your major"

"Oh, ugh... (do I tell them University Studies? No no, too humiliating) Recreational Leadership" (yeah... that's much more credible)

Who am I kidding, they are both pretty bad

Do I really deserve a degree? I think high school was more challenging. Oh well, I'll take what I can get



Every time I look at my bank account, I hope I find a transaction gone bad. I should have more than that in my account. Maybe a cashier put in the wrong amount. And there's no way I spent $12 at Applebee's yesterday. I went there 3 days ago, not yesterday. Someone MUST have stolen my card... and splurged on an appetizer?

Then I realize, I stole my own card


I love you like I love you...

You don't have to play it. It's on here for me.

Land of Talk- Some Are Lakes


Employee of the Year

So for the last 5 months, I have done pretty much nothing, but blog. Recent events have driven me to find a job, so find a job I did. Oh yes, I am a ChaCha guide.

Here to answer your every day questions!


Let it snow

I read about 5 statuses on facebook today that said something about the snow, followed by "REALLY??" I don't know why all those people are that in shock. It happens every year. The sun will come. Promise.


June 5

I am thankful for birthdays. For lots of reasons

Number 1: Everyone has one, yet on theirs, they feel like a million bucks
Number 2: Gives you a chance to show someone how much, or how little you care about them based on a phone call, wall post, or size/ price of a gift
Number 3: The opposite of number 2. You get to see who your real friends are
Number 4: Gives you something to do during the long, cold, miserable days of the Rexburg winter.


Dear Elder,

Lately I've been really good about writing all of my missionaries. Okay, Barret and some guy I've never met. As I was writing a letter today, I realized how self centered letters are. All you do is talk about yourself. Literally. And there is no one to stop and interrupt you, so you just keep rambling on about Y.O.U. Talk about a one sided conversation.  

I think it is the most egoistical release, 2nd to diaries. Even facebook takes a backseat this time.

The crazy part is, everyone LOVES getting letters. Real, handwritten letters. We hang on every word! But have you really read the content? It's all about someone else! We can't stand to have a conversation with someone and just LISTEN, we have to butt in every minute or so with our two cents. So why are letters different? Why do we enjoy reading about someone else when we can't stand to hear about them? It's beyond me, but I keep checkin my mailbox every day. So if you need a self esteem boost, send me some snail mail. 


For all the pretty girls... and the ugly girls too, cause to me you're pretty anyway baby...

(And boys too I guess)

I was just thinking about reasons why people blog. Again. Some use it as a diary. Some to keep their family updated. Me? I do it for you baby. So sorry if some [all] entries bore you, but Im only so clever. 

And I guess I do it because I don't really have anything better to do


I wanna see movies of my dreams...

Where oh where has Sufjan Stevens gone? He has fallen off the musical map, but the other night, I found him. In my dreams. 

Built to Spill said, "No one wants to hear what you dreamed about. Unless you dreamed about them. Don't let that stop you, just make it up as you go." So you ALL were in the dream. Whether we've met or not.

It took place back in Washington, specifically in a warehouse on the boardwalk. He was coming to play in University Place, and my friends from the Thai House in Rexburg knew him, so he was going to stay with them. We were hanging out before the show, and apparently we were the only ones that were hungry, cause we ended up getting food. Just me and him. I don't know why, but he thought I was so cool, and didn't want to go the show, just hang out with me. 


Jay Walkin

Who's got cabin fever? I've got cabin fever!!!!

It has been 3 days that I have been without a vehicle. Yes, I have a bicycle and yes I have legs, but have you been outside? No wait, have you been outside in Rexburg? Also, did you take into account that I live at the top of the ONLY hill in Rexburg, and literally everything else is at the bottom of the hill. Now think again about judging me for not wanting to walk everywhere. 

Yesterday, my friend broke me out and took me to Horkley's. 
It was AMAZING! Let me see if I can better describe this for you... 
You know when you are leaving your house, and your dog looks up at you with those big eyes, as if to say, "Hey, where ya goin? Can I come? Can I? Can I?" And you think to yourself, eh, it's only the bank. "Come on!" This outing to the bank has just become the best day. They stick their head out the window, just lovin life! Well that was me. No joke. I literally stuck my head out the window and shouted, "Hello world!" 

spaceball.gifBest day ever!!!!!

A special thanks to all those who have given me rides and for taking me to the bank!



I once responded to a blog post by simply saying, "amusing." I'll never live it down. You know what I say to that? Be glad I commented at all buddy! I'm just so busy, you are lucky I even take time out to read your blog. 

Okkervil River

:A Stone:

Hot breath. Rough skin. Warm laughs and smiling. The lovliest words. Whispered and meant. You like all these things.

But, though you like all these things, you love a stone. You love a stone. Because it's smooth and it's cold. And you'd love most to be told that it's all your own.

You love white veins. You love hard grey. The heaviest weight. The clumsiest shape. The earthiest smell. The hollowest tone. You love a stone.

And I'm found too fast. Called too fond of flames. And then I'm phoning my friends. And then I'm shouldering the blame. While you're picking pebbles out of the drain miles ago. You're out singing songs and I'm down shouting names at the flickerless screen. Going insane. Am I losing my cool? Overstating my case? Well, baby what can I say?

You know I never claimed that I was a stone.

And you love a stone. You love white veins. You love hard grey. The heaviest weight. The clumsiest shape. The earthiest smell. The hollowest tone. You love a stone.

You love a stone. Because it's dark and it's old. And if it could start being alive, you'd stop living alone. And I think I believe that, if stones could dream, they'd dream of being laid side-by-side, piece-by-piece, and turned into a castle for some towering queen they're unable to know.

And when that queen's daughter came of age, I think she'd be lovely and stubborn and brave, and suitors would journey from kingdoms away just to make themselves known.

And I think that I know the bitter dismay of a lover who brought fresh brouquets every day. When she turned him away to remember some knave who once gave just one rose. One day. Years ago.



I've noticed the over use of general words when a more specific word is far more appropriate. Sometimes, the selected general word does not convey the right message at all. Let's take a look at the misuse of the word "funny"...

Actual Definition:


1    [fuhn-ee]  Show IPA adjective, -ni⋅er, -ni⋅est,noun, plural -nies.
1.providing fun; causing amusement or laughter; amusing; comical: a funny remark; a funny person.
2.attempting to amuse; facetious: Did you really mean that or were you just being funny?

Some words that people replace with funny include, but are not limited to: amusing, silly, ironic, ridiculous, uncomfortable, awkward, boring, tragic, terrifying, morbid...

"That clown is funny" should really be, "That clown is terrifying"
"That story about your friend from high school is so funny" What you are really saying is, "I don't care about your friend I've never met, or what you did in high school. Your story is boring me."

Go ahead, try to make you own sentence. It will be so funny!


Sleepy Soundtrack

Every morning I wake up with a song in my head. it's probably because I fall asleep listening to music. The strange part is sometimes it's a song I haven't heard or thought about for ages. I decided to do an experiment and keep track. These are my findings...

*These songs do not necessarily reflect my musical taste. Sometimes it is a song I've only heard a few times*

Sunday, March 15: Corrine Bailey Rae- Just Like a Star
Monday, March 16: Annuals- Blue Ridge
Tuesday, March 17: Coldplay- Clocks
Wednesday, March 18: Okkervil River- For Real
Thursday, March 19: Reel Big Fish- She Has A Girlfriend Now
Friday, March 20: Tim McGraw- Good Morning Beautiful
Saturday, March 21: Stevie Wonder- Part Time Lover

I would like to note that since I have been doing this experiment, towards the end of my slumber, I start dreaming about how I need to focus on what music I hear in the background. The thing is, I can never figure out what is playing. I think it is usually made up. But, as soon as I awaken, a completely different song is going through my head, and wont leave until I listen to it.



This is my best friend. One of them. 


Some reasons why I love her:
*She is from Boston
*Tilts her head when she walks to her room
*She has a lisp (also known as a Boston accent)
*She is a NATUAL blonde
*She loves to use phrases that old people over use (ie. You're for the birds. You're gonna catch cold)
*She loves Bob Marley
*I wish I had her wavey hair
*I think she's funny
*She thinks Im funny
*She is "Vegan"
*She got on stage with MIA
*She hates the word besties



Good Old Chad

If this isn't funny to you yet, see David After Dentist on Youtube.  


Shower Confessions #2:

I drink cold ones in the shower. I prefer Horkley's.


Do You Stuff?

   The Utah Poof, or Bump, or whatever you want to call it has gone to a new extreme. Ratting is no longer needed to achieve the full volume look. There are now inserts for maximum fullness and height. Don't believe me? Check out the website for yourself. 



There are even baby bumpits for bangs! No backcombing needed! How convenient! 


Punch Drunk Love

You heard of drunk dialing? Imagine someone drunk with infatuation, but too shy to make the phone call, so they turn to our friend, text.

I am a notorious crazy texter. If I like a boy, and for some reason he shows the least bit interest, leave it to me to ruin everything via text message. I have been known to use phrases such as, "Do you want me to be your girlfriend" and "Don't you have a crush on me" all in the early fragile stages of flirting. The stage where you are supposed to leave them wanting more. For some reason, I feel like boys LOVE clingy, needy, obsessiveness. Guess not? 

Someone's gotta teach me the art of playing hard to get.