It's the thought that counts... Right?

I have this friend that always says the wrong thing, but has the right intention. We will call him Thad to protect his identity. This may or may not be a picture of him below

For Example:
One day we were about to go swimming this summer when he turned to me and said, "You look better without make up."

I interpreted it as: "You don't know how to properly apply make up and shouldn't even bother when it just makes you look worse."

His intention was: "You don't need make up, where as many girls do"

How a summer salesman might say it: "You are naturally beautiful"

Example #2:
Thad and a girl friend of mine had been going running every night to recover from the holidays. One night he said to her, "Im so glad that you've been running. I can really tell."

Interpretation: "You were fat. Now you're not as fat."

Intention: "Your hard work is really paying off"

Summer sales: "You are lookin good!"

Example #3:
Another friend was going to start working out with a personal trainer. When she told Thad, he said, "You're not going to do anything to your butt, are you?"

Interpretation: "Im a pervert, and I love your butt"

Intention: "You have a great butt"

Summer sale: "Why would you do that when you already look great?!"

The point is that although Thad says it in the wrong way, his compliments mean so much more than any insincere summer salesman.


Music makes the best boyfriend

It haunts me in my sleep, and is the first thing in my head every morning. I am constantly thinking of it. I talk about it all the time. I can't imagine a life without it. I get so excited when I hear it, my throat swells and my heart pounds in my chest. I have a crush on music. It's always there whenever I want it. Music doesn't forget to call. If music is my lover, you are just a tease.


My Father the Hero

Warning: This is a true story and is not for the faint of heart (sorry to those who have heard it. I find it remarkable)

The following images are to assist in picturing exactly what took place
Left to right: 
Victim (Midge), Hero #2 (Scout)

There was a tragedy at the Dyer household in the wee hours one Thursday morning. It all started when my dad awoke early, one snowy morning to let the dogs outside. After a few short minutes, he heard a commotion in the backyard. Our chocolate lab, Scout, was in full alarm. Barking frantically at the door. My dad opened the door, but she would not come in. Instead, she turned into Lassie and lead him to the scene of the accident, the pool side. Once they got down to the pool, my dad saw that our miniature dachshund had somehow ended up in the middle of the pool, and fallen through the ice. 

In a panic, he sought to find some sort of pole, or net for rescue, but found that there were no such resources, and resolved to save her himself. (My dad LOVES his dogs). He striped down to his birthday suite, and jumped in. The water was ice cold and breath taking. With what energy he could muster up, he swam to the side and  heaved the dog out of the water. This left him in the deep end of the pool, and a 10 ft swim to the ladder. 

His breath was short and his muscles began to tighten. When he reached the ladder, he found that he had used up all his energy and his body was shutting down. He was near paralysis and could not pull himself up on the ladder. (This is all fact). The labrador was now in his face barking hysterically. He thought of calling to one of the neighbors, or perhaps one of the workers in the empty lot next door, but knew it was far too early for anyone to be up. In his final attempts of desperation, he threw his arms around Scout, who was still in a panic. 

Note: If you have swam in our pool, you will know that Scout will not go near the water. (It is a result of my brothers and me pulling her in one too many times.) 

When my dad grabbed onto her neck, she crouched into a defensive position, and pulled back from him so that he would not pull her in to join his icy tomb. Fortunately for my dad, Scout's move was just the leverage he needed to get up onto the ladder. (I kid you not)

After pulling himself out of the pool, he laid on the side, catching his breath. Soon he remembered he was naked and scurried back into the house where he found an already warmed dachshund. Fortunately hypothermia did not set in for either of them.

I suppose Scout was the real hero that morning.


... do as the off trackians do!

So, we've seen what I do day to day. Exciting huh? I have decided I want to set some goals to attain while Im taking an educational vacation. So here goes nuthin...

Read 6 books (Including Life is a Wonderful Journey)
Give at least one ride a day, and to somewhere Im not already headed to
Go to hopefully 2 shows outside of Rexburg
Pay off my credit card
Go bridge jumping before the end of the semester
Finish BoM again
Go snow skiing 2 more times
Get married... Is this one too unrealistic? 

That's all I can think of at the moment... perhaps I will add to it later
Let me know if you have any good ideas. 


When off track...

As you may know, I am not in school during the winter. I still don't understand why I stay in Idaho while Im off track. It was -19 last night. Normally, I make a lot of money running errands for my brother, but not this year. This winter, I do not have a "job." It's not my fault. They're all filled up. It's the economy, I tell ya! A lot of people think Im lazy. But I tell you, I am busy! Though, Im not exactly sure what it is I do all day. I decided to keep track of my usual routine so I could give an accurate report of what my day consists of. 

9:45      My alarm goes off (I don't want to be lazy and waste my day or anything)
10:45    Actually get out of bed and have breakfast
12:00      Work out and shower
1:30          Scrape the snow off my car 
2:00        My car is finally warmed up so that I can give someone a ride to or from school
3:00        Attempt to donate plasma, but A. get too distracted to get down there, or B. get denied due to lack of Iron. Note to self: take iron pills
4:00        Do ONE thing that has needed to be done for weeks, i.e. take out trash in my bedroom, fold my laundry, sew on a button, call my parents
5:00       Get antsy waiting for everyone to get home from school already
5:15        Fall asleep waiting for everyone to get home from school already... it's probably due to lack of iron.  

Soon after this, everyone comes home and we do normal stuff that college kids do. I probably should've added check facebook at least 4 times in there, but I figure it doesn't count because Im only looking at myself. 

Note: I have been to Utah twice and plan to go before the end of the week since I left Washington on the 15th.  But Im not bored....


Oh, il mio amore!

Have I told you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Annuals lately?

Blue Ridge
The sun's coming up, here I am again
Carving both of our names in the bark
The sun's coming up, as it's always been
Pulling song from the lungs of the lark

Now I don't mind this thirst all the time
To be first in the sun
To be cursed, it might be fun
Such fun

The sun's coming up, I'm awake again
As I sit staring out at the park
The sun's coming up on Blue Ridge again
I forget why I left in the start
Still the sun's coming up on Blue Ridge again
You forgot where I was in your heart

But I don't mind this thirst all the time
To be first in the sun
With this thirst on my mind
To be first in the sun
To be first in the sun
To be cursed, it might be fun
Such fun 




For a long time, I refused facebook. I was all about myspace. Then I soon realized that myspace is the Compton of internet relations and was soon converted. However, they all do the same thing, and that is to help you connect with long lost friends, or make new ones, or show off how cool/beautiful/artistic/popular/cultured/etc you are. 

I find that I don't even look at anyone else's page anymore. I just log onto mine, and wonder why no one comments on how beautiful that waterfall was in Hawaii, or how creative my Halloween costume is, then it hit me. Everyone is doing the same thing. No one even looks at what anyone else is up to because they are too concerned with perfecting their profile. And even if they do accidently happen to see through the news feed, it only motivates them to one up you.

Oh, Im the only one guilty of this?

profile.php.jpg Marion Dyer is... embarrassed


McDonalds, you let me down.

     It seems that every time I drive down to Portland, someone tries to keep me from getting back home to Tacoma. Regardless, I have been able to push my way through, until now.
      Around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, I decided to head north. When I started my trip, there was nothing unusual; some light rain and a little evening traffic. About half way, the rain picked up, but that's nothing unusual for the Northwest. Soon, traffic came to a halt, and I was being ushered off I-5. I decided to mindlessly follow the car in front of me onto an unfamiliar highway leading to the mountains. I soon decided that this seemed too much like a scary movie, so I pulled over at a gas station for some help. 
    At the gas station, I was relieved to find the only person in the store was the asian attendant that speaks little English. I started to ask her if she knew what was going on with I-5 and she responded with something like, "I don't know anything, and even if I did, you wouldn't understand me anyway." So I decided to be independent and figure my own way North using an old fashioned map. Just as I figured out where I was, the token "guy who knows what he's talking about, but is just as lost as you are" walked in. He told me that I-5 was flooded and my planned route was a good one, then proceeded to find the bathroom. I got in my car, continued on my original path, but this time with some direction. 
    As I was driving on this mystery highway full of trees and turns, looking for some town called Morton, the rain continued. There were not many signs, so I was beginning to think that I had missed it. I decided that I would turn around in 5 miles if I still hadn't seen anything, when I found what I was looking for: Morton     12 Miles. 
   Unfortunately, as soon as I passed that sign, sure enough, there was yet another road block. Highway 12 was also closed. I pulled into yet another gas station, and this time bought the map. A cop broke the news to me that all of the North bound highways were closed, and so I began my journey back to Portland. 
    It was now around 7:45 and I hadn't eaten anything since lunch because I thought I'd be home by now. As I made my way through hydroplane city, I decided that I would take a stop at Kelso, the next big town. 
    It seemed like an eternity to Kelso. I thought they had a Taco Time, but I couldn't find it so I decided to settle for my old childhood friend, McDonalds. As I pulled in, I noticed that Taco Time was there, in fact, they share a parking lot! The reason I missed it was because the lights were off. I thought that was weird, and continued on towards a snack wrap. I pulled up to the intercom with a skeptical eye because McDonalds also looked dark. I was reassured when a voice came over the speakers asking if I wanted to try the new spicy chicken burger, and I responded with, "No thanks. Man, I thought you guys were closed." After a few more minutes, no one asked for my order and I realized that they were in fact closed, and no one heard me turn down the chicken burger. I quickly drove away and jumped back on the freeway, hoping that no one saw me.
   I tried round 2 at a different McDonalds, a little closer to my sisters and 5 hours since I left her house. I was ticked when they gave me a regular coke instead of diet. 


Here's to 2008

"To a Good Year!"
(Love you Ellie Girl!)

p.s. I got a B in my online classes. Take that time management!