It's the thought that counts... Right?

I have this friend that always says the wrong thing, but has the right intention. We will call him Thad to protect his identity. This may or may not be a picture of him below

For Example:
One day we were about to go swimming this summer when he turned to me and said, "You look better without make up."

I interpreted it as: "You don't know how to properly apply make up and shouldn't even bother when it just makes you look worse."

His intention was: "You don't need make up, where as many girls do"

How a summer salesman might say it: "You are naturally beautiful"

Example #2:
Thad and a girl friend of mine had been going running every night to recover from the holidays. One night he said to her, "Im so glad that you've been running. I can really tell."

Interpretation: "You were fat. Now you're not as fat."

Intention: "Your hard work is really paying off"

Summer sales: "You are lookin good!"

Example #3:
Another friend was going to start working out with a personal trainer. When she told Thad, he said, "You're not going to do anything to your butt, are you?"

Interpretation: "Im a pervert, and I love your butt"

Intention: "You have a great butt"

Summer sale: "Why would you do that when you already look great?!"

The point is that although Thad says it in the wrong way, his compliments mean so much more than any insincere summer salesman.


alexismunoa said...

Lex: My, my Murf, how did you get such a unique sense of humor?

Meaning: you are freaking hilarious

Your interpretation: WTH? unique??!!! is that supposed to be compliment? does that mean I'm only funny around unique people?

Summer Sales: You are so charming and have a rapist's wit.Wanna go to the Maroon 5 concert with me? I love them and know all their songs on the guitar.

Casual Businessman said...

For a second there I thought you were talking about me. I am working on my "summer sales spirit", but it doesn't come naturally.

Thome said...

i have the same problem, thats why I always start off with saying, "now don't take this the wrong way...."

anna said...

who is this "THAD" guy and did he go to the same charm school as my husband? i'm with "totallyautomatic" girl up there... i think summer sals 1-liners are so boring compared to guys who speak from the heart. even if we have to use a mind reader to totally understand the compliment.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

give thad one summer with golden climax and we'll fix this problem of his, and send him home with 3 thousand million dollars!

Anonymous said...

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