When off track...

As you may know, I am not in school during the winter. I still don't understand why I stay in Idaho while Im off track. It was -19 last night. Normally, I make a lot of money running errands for my brother, but not this year. This winter, I do not have a "job." It's not my fault. They're all filled up. It's the economy, I tell ya! A lot of people think Im lazy. But I tell you, I am busy! Though, Im not exactly sure what it is I do all day. I decided to keep track of my usual routine so I could give an accurate report of what my day consists of. 

9:45      My alarm goes off (I don't want to be lazy and waste my day or anything)
10:45    Actually get out of bed and have breakfast
12:00      Work out and shower
1:30          Scrape the snow off my car 
2:00        My car is finally warmed up so that I can give someone a ride to or from school
3:00        Attempt to donate plasma, but A. get too distracted to get down there, or B. get denied due to lack of Iron. Note to self: take iron pills
4:00        Do ONE thing that has needed to be done for weeks, i.e. take out trash in my bedroom, fold my laundry, sew on a button, call my parents
5:00       Get antsy waiting for everyone to get home from school already
5:15        Fall asleep waiting for everyone to get home from school already... it's probably due to lack of iron.  

Soon after this, everyone comes home and we do normal stuff that college kids do. I probably should've added check facebook at least 4 times in there, but I figure it doesn't count because Im only looking at myself. 

Note: I have been to Utah twice and plan to go before the end of the week since I left Washington on the 15th.  But Im not bored....


alexismunoa said...

oh how i love you. You made my day!

it took me 30 min to crutch from the handicap spot to my class.

why am i in school this winter? the world may never know.

come to UT! i miss your beautiful behind!

anna said...

make that
4:00 call my boring sister anna who's probably at home pulling her hair out since she has two babies...and by babies, she means one of them is a newborn who is practically perfect in every way and the other one WALKS but does not TALK and likes to drink things like hair products and windex.

or, you could just come home and babysit for me while i go for a jog and then we could go to target or somewhere TOTALLY fun like that!

~miss your face.

Kjrsten said...

4:30 call you other boring sister and wonder when sasquatch is going to post their line up. 4:32 speculate with her who will be there and how many days to attend. 4:35 talk about silly kids. 4:40 talk about cute clothes, special deals, thrift store treasures. 4:45 talk abot how crazy Val can be. 4:46 talk about how crazy dano can be. 4:47 talk about how much we love our new sisters. 4:48 "gotta go bye"

eliza said...


love you!!!