Punch Drunk Love

You heard of drunk dialing? Imagine someone drunk with infatuation, but too shy to make the phone call, so they turn to our friend, text.

I am a notorious crazy texter. If I like a boy, and for some reason he shows the least bit interest, leave it to me to ruin everything via text message. I have been known to use phrases such as, "Do you want me to be your girlfriend" and "Don't you have a crush on me" all in the early fragile stages of flirting. The stage where you are supposed to leave them wanting more. For some reason, I feel like boys LOVE clingy, needy, obsessiveness. Guess not? 

Someone's gotta teach me the art of playing hard to get. 


Outfit Repeater!

That is the term my roommates use to tease me about my bad habit. You see, I keep track of what I wear. (I've admitted to this before). It is not because I don't want to be caught dead in the same outfit twice in a week (Okay, it's partly that. Come on, I have a terrible memory and cannot remember what I ate for breakfast, let alone what I wore the day before). If I didn't keep track, I would probably wear the same thing, every day until I end up hating what used to be my favorite shirt. I do it because I love all of my clothes way too much to neglect any piece. I forget about all of my hidden treasures I have, and by keeping track to avoid repeating outfits. It forces me to dig for gold. Plus, I pay way too much on a college budget to wear something once and forget about it. 



      My cousin Barret has been on a mission for something like 20 months now. Growing up, we weren't really that close. Our other cousin Eliza was sort of our connector. When his parents went to Mexico, they needed someone to drive the little ones to school and make sure they ate enough bowls of cereal throughout the day, so I moved in for the week. We stayed up talking and laughing every night and joked that we were married, and his siblings were our kids. It was very sad when it came time for me to move back home, forcing us into a "divorce". However, our friendship had just begun. 
     We realized that we were meant to be, two peas in a pod. No one got my humor like he did, or could appreciate his weirdness like I could... well maybe Eliza. Then he went on that darn mission. His letters are still so fun to read, and those few times I've spoken to him on the phone have been like we haven't skipped a beat, but Im scared things wont be the same when he gets back. Two years is a long time, and obviously we are both going to change a little, but will it be in opposite directions? 

     I recently found a play he wrote about a day when I broke Eliza and him out of school for lunch. There is no point to the play. It's just the dialog between three characters, that goes no where and means nothing (much like Seinfeld). It is so funny to me, probably because it is of actual conversations we have had at one point or another, pieced together. Random. But that was life with Barret. I doubt anyone besides Eliza would understand.

I hope Im still weird enough for him. 


Im a snob

This is a sensitive subject and Im sorry if I offend anyone, but this is how I feel. 

I will judge you based on *your music. And you can't just like the right kind of music, but you gotta like it for the right reasons. Not just because it's the new cool thing, or you found it first. It gets worse. If I don't approve of your taste, and I catch you listening to my favorite band, or worse a favorite song, I will probably be annoyed and no longer like it. It's suddenly, "played out". The upside is if I respect you, your opinion means the world to me. 

I gotta get over myself.

*This is not so much about what you listen to, but your reasons for doing so. If you are not trying to be someone based on your music, this is a moot point. If you like something because YOU like it, then void what you have just read. 

Never gets old


25 Things about me!!!

    What is with the latest craze on *facebook? I remember when myspace went through this with the self surveys, but at least those were questionnaires, where you are probed to talk about yourself. With the top 25, you have to think of these things on your own. The 25 most original, unique things about you. Don't you think if anyone cared what these 25 things are they'd be able to make that list themselves? (examples of which might be: a parent, spouse, best friend, or perhaps someone that stalks you) 
     I like to imagine the person that started it all, sitting on their computer at 2 am, saying to themselves, "I think I'll write a note, but what about? Perhaps one about myself. 25 things about myself" and thus, the birth of "25 random things about me"... This may be the most narcissistic thing I have ever heard of. Facebook, you have out down yourself

Although, I will admit that I read every one Im tagged in. It's so funny to see what makes the cut of what to tell the world. 

This totally sums up how I feel about it.. http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=53209197154&h=Wzfue&u=2zIq9

*I know I just had a post about facebook, but come on... I had to say something about this. It compliments my last one so well, don't you think? 

Disclaimer: Please do not be offended if you have made one of these lists. You have given me ten minutes of entertainment, and inspiration for my blog. Bless you.