25 Things about me!!!

    What is with the latest craze on *facebook? I remember when myspace went through this with the self surveys, but at least those were questionnaires, where you are probed to talk about yourself. With the top 25, you have to think of these things on your own. The 25 most original, unique things about you. Don't you think if anyone cared what these 25 things are they'd be able to make that list themselves? (examples of which might be: a parent, spouse, best friend, or perhaps someone that stalks you) 
     I like to imagine the person that started it all, sitting on their computer at 2 am, saying to themselves, "I think I'll write a note, but what about? Perhaps one about myself. 25 things about myself" and thus, the birth of "25 random things about me"... This may be the most narcissistic thing I have ever heard of. Facebook, you have out down yourself

Although, I will admit that I read every one Im tagged in. It's so funny to see what makes the cut of what to tell the world. 

This totally sums up how I feel about it.. http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=53209197154&h=Wzfue&u=2zIq9

*I know I just had a post about facebook, but come on... I had to say something about this. It compliments my last one so well, don't you think? 

Disclaimer: Please do not be offended if you have made one of these lists. You have given me ten minutes of entertainment, and inspiration for my blog. Bless you.


Christian said...

I know right. I started making up one of those things and then thought to myself, "Whoa, this is really stupid." Then I deleted it.
wow now I'm kind of hungry.

Kjrsten said...

I am so glad I didn't do one of those otherwise I would be feeling like a big geek right now, or I would just be mad at you! either way... what a relief! Now I can just laugh at this post HAAAAAAHAAAA!

Brandon said...

at least i don't go on facebook ONLY to update my own profile or make comments on people's status just to get my name up on my friends' homepage like SOME PEOPLE I KNOW.