Im a snob

This is a sensitive subject and Im sorry if I offend anyone, but this is how I feel. 

I will judge you based on *your music. And you can't just like the right kind of music, but you gotta like it for the right reasons. Not just because it's the new cool thing, or you found it first. It gets worse. If I don't approve of your taste, and I catch you listening to my favorite band, or worse a favorite song, I will probably be annoyed and no longer like it. It's suddenly, "played out". The upside is if I respect you, your opinion means the world to me. 

I gotta get over myself.

*This is not so much about what you listen to, but your reasons for doing so. If you are not trying to be someone based on your music, this is a moot point. If you like something because YOU like it, then void what you have just read. 


alexismunoa said...

Hey Whitey!


hahahhaaha love you

anna said...

i didn't know you were ONE OF THEM now...great.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

Um, I like Outkast as much as I like Bishop Allen, and neither group defines me. So I guess this doesn't apply to me, glad I got the waiver instead of your disgust. :)