Outfit Repeater!

That is the term my roommates use to tease me about my bad habit. You see, I keep track of what I wear. (I've admitted to this before). It is not because I don't want to be caught dead in the same outfit twice in a week (Okay, it's partly that. Come on, I have a terrible memory and cannot remember what I ate for breakfast, let alone what I wore the day before). If I didn't keep track, I would probably wear the same thing, every day until I end up hating what used to be my favorite shirt. I do it because I love all of my clothes way too much to neglect any piece. I forget about all of my hidden treasures I have, and by keeping track to avoid repeating outfits. It forces me to dig for gold. Plus, I pay way too much on a college budget to wear something once and forget about it. 


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

You're a freak, but I love you.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

I've actually wondered before if some people think I wear the same clothes all the time. I have a considerable amount of clothes, but I don't keep track of what I wear, much less who I'm with when I wear those things.