Punch Drunk Love

You heard of drunk dialing? Imagine someone drunk with infatuation, but too shy to make the phone call, so they turn to our friend, text.

I am a notorious crazy texter. If I like a boy, and for some reason he shows the least bit interest, leave it to me to ruin everything via text message. I have been known to use phrases such as, "Do you want me to be your girlfriend" and "Don't you have a crush on me" all in the early fragile stages of flirting. The stage where you are supposed to leave them wanting more. For some reason, I feel like boys LOVE clingy, needy, obsessiveness. Guess not? 

Someone's gotta teach me the art of playing hard to get. 


Quinn the Eskimo said...

um, yikes

B said...

As the roomie, I try to help.

haha you are almost a crazy blogger hahaha wink wink
I love that Quinn read and commented!

alexismunoa said...

well you send me some juicy texts that i happen to love. thank you very much.

Kjrsten said...

something tells me quinn is not a real eskimo?
Drunk texting is way better than drunk dialing! You can pretend your room mate or sister got a hold of your phone and said those forward/akward things if you need an out.

anna said...

if you're going to send obssessive messages you might was well go all the way with it! next time try something like:
meet me at the temple grounds where i will be praying to know if you are the one i'm supposed to marry.