My cousin Barret has been on a mission for something like 20 months now. Growing up, we weren't really that close. Our other cousin Eliza was sort of our connector. When his parents went to Mexico, they needed someone to drive the little ones to school and make sure they ate enough bowls of cereal throughout the day, so I moved in for the week. We stayed up talking and laughing every night and joked that we were married, and his siblings were our kids. It was very sad when it came time for me to move back home, forcing us into a "divorce". However, our friendship had just begun. 
     We realized that we were meant to be, two peas in a pod. No one got my humor like he did, or could appreciate his weirdness like I could... well maybe Eliza. Then he went on that darn mission. His letters are still so fun to read, and those few times I've spoken to him on the phone have been like we haven't skipped a beat, but Im scared things wont be the same when he gets back. Two years is a long time, and obviously we are both going to change a little, but will it be in opposite directions? 

     I recently found a play he wrote about a day when I broke Eliza and him out of school for lunch. There is no point to the play. It's just the dialog between three characters, that goes no where and means nothing (much like Seinfeld). It is so funny to me, probably because it is of actual conversations we have had at one point or another, pieced together. Random. But that was life with Barret. I doubt anyone besides Eliza would understand.

I hope Im still weird enough for him. 


Mallory said...

don't worry mare...it will be exactly the same..you might have to give it a day or two, but it will be just as if he never left :)

Kjrsten said...

Oh barret! There is no one like him, he's as weird as they get! That's why you two get a long so well!

eliza said...

i loved this. i have an idea. can you and barret and i have a three way blog? like the three of us write on it ... we can share cool things that we want the other ones to see, stories we want to tell, etc. maybe we could even start it before barret gets back, so if we're ever reading an article online or see a funny youtube video, picture, etc. we can load it on there real quick and remember to show barret when he gets back ...??? let me know what you think of this. haha. this is a long comment. i wish i could find a copy of that play right now.