I've noticed the over use of general words when a more specific word is far more appropriate. Sometimes, the selected general word does not convey the right message at all. Let's take a look at the misuse of the word "funny"...

Actual Definition:


1    [fuhn-ee]  Show IPA adjective, -ni⋅er, -ni⋅est,noun, plural -nies.
1.providing fun; causing amusement or laughter; amusing; comical: a funny remark; a funny person.
2.attempting to amuse; facetious: Did you really mean that or were you just being funny?

Some words that people replace with funny include, but are not limited to: amusing, silly, ironic, ridiculous, uncomfortable, awkward, boring, tragic, terrifying, morbid...

"That clown is funny" should really be, "That clown is terrifying"
"That story about your friend from high school is so funny" What you are really saying is, "I don't care about your friend I've never met, or what you did in high school. Your story is boring me."

Go ahead, try to make you own sentence. It will be so funny!


Sleepy Soundtrack

Every morning I wake up with a song in my head. it's probably because I fall asleep listening to music. The strange part is sometimes it's a song I haven't heard or thought about for ages. I decided to do an experiment and keep track. These are my findings...

*These songs do not necessarily reflect my musical taste. Sometimes it is a song I've only heard a few times*

Sunday, March 15: Corrine Bailey Rae- Just Like a Star
Monday, March 16: Annuals- Blue Ridge
Tuesday, March 17: Coldplay- Clocks
Wednesday, March 18: Okkervil River- For Real
Thursday, March 19: Reel Big Fish- She Has A Girlfriend Now
Friday, March 20: Tim McGraw- Good Morning Beautiful
Saturday, March 21: Stevie Wonder- Part Time Lover

I would like to note that since I have been doing this experiment, towards the end of my slumber, I start dreaming about how I need to focus on what music I hear in the background. The thing is, I can never figure out what is playing. I think it is usually made up. But, as soon as I awaken, a completely different song is going through my head, and wont leave until I listen to it.



This is my best friend. One of them. 


Some reasons why I love her:
*She is from Boston
*Tilts her head when she walks to her room
*She has a lisp (also known as a Boston accent)
*She is a NATUAL blonde
*She loves to use phrases that old people over use (ie. You're for the birds. You're gonna catch cold)
*She loves Bob Marley
*I wish I had her wavey hair
*I think she's funny
*She thinks Im funny
*She is "Vegan"
*She got on stage with MIA
*She hates the word besties



Good Old Chad

If this isn't funny to you yet, see David After Dentist on Youtube.  


Shower Confessions #2:

I drink cold ones in the shower. I prefer Horkley's.


Do You Stuff?

   The Utah Poof, or Bump, or whatever you want to call it has gone to a new extreme. Ratting is no longer needed to achieve the full volume look. There are now inserts for maximum fullness and height. Don't believe me? Check out the website for yourself. 



There are even baby bumpits for bangs! No backcombing needed! How convenient!