Sleepy Soundtrack

Every morning I wake up with a song in my head. it's probably because I fall asleep listening to music. The strange part is sometimes it's a song I haven't heard or thought about for ages. I decided to do an experiment and keep track. These are my findings...

*These songs do not necessarily reflect my musical taste. Sometimes it is a song I've only heard a few times*

Sunday, March 15: Corrine Bailey Rae- Just Like a Star
Monday, March 16: Annuals- Blue Ridge
Tuesday, March 17: Coldplay- Clocks
Wednesday, March 18: Okkervil River- For Real
Thursday, March 19: Reel Big Fish- She Has A Girlfriend Now
Friday, March 20: Tim McGraw- Good Morning Beautiful
Saturday, March 21: Stevie Wonder- Part Time Lover

I would like to note that since I have been doing this experiment, towards the end of my slumber, I start dreaming about how I need to focus on what music I hear in the background. The thing is, I can never figure out what is playing. I think it is usually made up. But, as soon as I awaken, a completely different song is going through my head, and wont leave until I listen to it.


anna said...

you are weird. weirdly awesome, that is.

Keirra Dyer said...

marion...you are so funny! love this funniness!!!

alexismunoadyer said...

mine today was wake-up little suzy wake up!

Brandon said...

i'm not seeing any pablo cruz on that list?