Dear Elder,

Lately I've been really good about writing all of my missionaries. Okay, Barret and some guy I've never met. As I was writing a letter today, I realized how self centered letters are. All you do is talk about yourself. Literally. And there is no one to stop and interrupt you, so you just keep rambling on about Y.O.U. Talk about a one sided conversation.  

I think it is the most egoistical release, 2nd to diaries. Even facebook takes a backseat this time.

The crazy part is, everyone LOVES getting letters. Real, handwritten letters. We hang on every word! But have you really read the content? It's all about someone else! We can't stand to have a conversation with someone and just LISTEN, we have to butt in every minute or so with our two cents. So why are letters different? Why do we enjoy reading about someone else when we can't stand to hear about them? It's beyond me, but I keep checkin my mailbox every day. So if you need a self esteem boost, send me some snail mail. 


Quinn the Eskimo said...

Good insight. I remember when I was ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT I wrote a few letters. Actually I sent and received letters throughout my entire mission (I was an AP by the way).
Any how, the reason why letters are less self-centered than diaries and facebook (agree to disagree) is that while you are writing about yourself, you're doing it with someone else in mind.
You're writing details that you think the other person will find interesting, and expecting that they will do the same for you. You're sharing something with someone so your lives will intertwine.
Facebook, on the other hand, is a tool used to expose your creativity/good looks/wittiness with whoever is willing to take the time to look, very impersonal.

anna said...

well isla sure loved the postcard you sent her. she even took it to church to show off to all her little primary buddies. you must have talked about something other than yourself to leave such an impression on a little child...or maybe all you did was talk about how cool you are.

Anonymous said...

a blog is a pretty self centered thing too, if you think about it. i like quinn the eskimo. he cleverly drops his mission leadership title (for no apparent reason) yet covers up his boasting by making fun of those who do the same.

Anonymous said...

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