Employee of the Year

So for the last 5 months, I have done pretty much nothing, but blog. Recent events have driven me to find a job, so find a job I did. Oh yes, I am a ChaCha guide.

Here to answer your every day questions!


alexismunoadyer said...

who is marion dyer?

Is this going to be forever?

Can I please get a pedicure for graduation?

Casual Businessman said...

This is so natural for our sister - the walking almanac of random facts!

Kjrsten said...

When the public needs to know:

who coined the phrase,"frances is taking his bath"?

what are the two bodies of water on the upper and lower parts of the grand coulee dam?

How many fingers are on bill cosby's daughters hands?

What happens when you put shrimp juice in the eye of a shell fish allergenic person?

Marion has the answers.

Helga said...

Best job EVER!!! :) Miss you!

anna said...

that's perfect because i always wondered where you were going to continually replenish your useless fact supply.