Jay Walkin

Who's got cabin fever? I've got cabin fever!!!!

It has been 3 days that I have been without a vehicle. Yes, I have a bicycle and yes I have legs, but have you been outside? No wait, have you been outside in Rexburg? Also, did you take into account that I live at the top of the ONLY hill in Rexburg, and literally everything else is at the bottom of the hill. Now think again about judging me for not wanting to walk everywhere. 

Yesterday, my friend broke me out and took me to Horkley's. 
It was AMAZING! Let me see if I can better describe this for you... 
You know when you are leaving your house, and your dog looks up at you with those big eyes, as if to say, "Hey, where ya goin? Can I come? Can I? Can I?" And you think to yourself, eh, it's only the bank. "Come on!" This outing to the bank has just become the best day. They stick their head out the window, just lovin life! Well that was me. No joke. I literally stuck my head out the window and shouted, "Hello world!" 

spaceball.gifBest day ever!!!!!

A special thanks to all those who have given me rides and for taking me to the bank!


Quinn the Eskimo said...


Helga said...

Mare you are so cute! You know that if you need a ride I'll give one to you on my also-wrecked car :)

Keirra Dyer said...

honey...your car is wrecked?? "hany...don't go you get ert, hany"

anna said...


anna said...

crap. quinn the eskimo you stole my line.