So I just finished reading, "The Handmaid's Tale"


It's all about the ultimate socialism and corrupted government. It raises all kinds of questions, and then just, ENDS.

I'm furious.


anna said...

that's why i hate bookclubs

Leah said...

Are you really in a book club? If so I would like to join. I like books and clubs and book clubs so I feel I would fit in great.

Casual Businessman said...

That is a perfect book for a book club where you actually discuss ideas. You are probably accustomed to Oprah type book clubs where you just buy someone's book and they cut a check to Oprah. Meanwhile the masses slumber in ignorance. Kudos to you! What's next, Ayn Rand? If so, may I suggest "The Fountainhead" instead of "Atlas Shruggged?" I found the Fountainhead to be a bit more adventuresome and romantic. Kinda like "Twilight"

Anonymous said...

this is matt...remember that time when i lived in rexburg?

so i started a book a around christmas time. i didn't read it during the winter because i was working really hard for my c's. now i lost the book. and i don't know how to ends. i'm angry.