Boyz love bratz. And I'm not talkin the doll

This has always been a mystery to me. Something about waiting an extra 45 minutes for a date, or being forced to take them somewhere else when there is something wrong with the atmosphere really peaks a guy's interest. I don't get it. I always thought by being the laid back, nice girl, that I was better than the bratz. But for some reason, the bratz always have boyz knockin down the door, and I'm stuck with a *frush.

After much research and discussion with my guys in the friend zone, I have come to a conclusion; I think it has something to do with making them happy. They feel satisfied and manly if they can somehow appease the brat. I think it has something to do with feeling needed, or being the one to tame the beast. I compare this to my fasination with shy boyz. I love being the one that can break them out of their shell, and being the only one that really knows what they're thinking.

So this brings me to the dilemma at hand. Is it worth being a brat to get a boyfriend? Or am I doomed to be a 23 year old friend?

*Frush: When one develops strong feelings for a friend. Feelings are often left unsaid, and nothing usually comes of it.

WARNING: If addressed, frushes usually ruin friendships, and can make things really weird.


Leah said...

I agree 100% with everything you said. And frushes are the worst. Before I read your definition I imagined it meant something like "frustrating crushes" which I think also holds true with your definition.

Leah said...
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Quinn the Eskimo said...

Mar you know I'm going to need some concrete examples before I can agree with this hasty stereotype, but I love you and your blog and miss our late night chats.

Thome said...

I believe this goes back to the days of the caveman when he would go out and kill or gather whatever his mate would desire. eventually and we evolved women noticed this and started to use it against men. eventually perfecting the practice on what we now refer to as "the hills"

anna said...

the girlz that get the boyz by being bratz only make for lame wifez. don't make a frush out of the boyz. take a stab at something more real and mature than pretending to be something you're not.

alexismunoadyer said...

word up annaz right. being the nice girl aka yourself is always the way to win em. i hate the bratz. and i am glad i wasn't a 19 year-old brat who got "what she wanted" aka the shiny diamond not a BF 4 evarr. instead i knew what i wanted and who i am and i had time to develop that. just sayin that the kinda boyz who like bratz are merely boyz not MEN. YOU my friend are a woman. work it. xoxox

Harpski said...

marion i 100% agree with you. I try to be good and nice and considerate and caring and I suffocate people.

darn. dating sucks. glory be the day when I meet that special someone and I can get out of this "scene."