What's my stereotype?

I have noticed in my many years that people stereotype others. No matter what. In my many years, I have come to the conclusion that they are usually inaccurate, just how every blonde is not dumb. How someone is described on paper is not what they are in real life. I am going to describe 3 people, and I want you to guess who is who and what their stereotype is.....

Person 1:
Wears gladiator sandals, cut offs and a purple sweatshirt from American Apparel every day. Has swooping bangs and a dramatic A-line bob. Has a specific taste in music and loves attending shows. 

Person 2: 
Wears flat billed hats, plaid shorts, and skater shoes. Has more than one car, including a truck and a mustang. Other toys include a 4 wheeler, snow mobile and a motorcycle. Is loaded, single, and the ladies love him. 

Person 3:
Wears DI dresses every day. Cuts own hair, and doesn't even brush it. Rides a road bike and loves camping, swimming and doing anything outside. 

Have a good image in your head? Now let me mix it up a little...

Did you know that person 1 is full Mexican from Georgia and is not artistic and doesn't like skinny boys?
Did you know person 2 has never sold for summer sales?
Did you know person 3 doesn't own Chacos and would never give up meat?


B said...

I love the blog. I knew all 3. Success!

katelyn said...

hahaha you crack me up. your blog is the highlight of my day. i don't even know who all those peope are... but the third one sounds like you?

Helga said...

I have a stereotype: I'm international!!! heheh just kidding! I loved this post, when you were describing I was trying to figure out who the people were. No success whatsoever :)

Quinn the Eskimo said...

that #2 sounds like a real db if you know what I mean

anna said...

chacos are for WANNABE outdoorsy peeps. you know, the kind that also wear north face jackets. let's be honest. true earth-loving-rock-climbing-mountaineering people would never fork out $400 for a coat and $150 for sandals. they are more interested in the next adventure, not the next big BUY. AND saving the earth also means recycling...clothes and shoes included. so, save the whales, dude. or whatever.