Ramona Falls

My heart's been frozen, but I think I found what I've been looking for...
As beautiful a sight as this is, I'm not talking about the falls. I'm talking about the band. I am in love with music again. 

It's been a while. I missed you.



The 7 week break makes you do crazy things. One day we sat down and made a list of activities we wanted to accomplish over the break, like go camping and fishing, normal summer activities. Well one day Ford got the big idea to go for a big walk. He gathered up a posse and walked from Rexburg to Winco in Idaho Falls, something like a 25 mile walk. 
Now they've done it, and I think they are regretting it, but at least they made the news. 

Great job fellas! Im proud of you! Im sad I couldn't have been apart of it. 


Starz and Stripez 4EVER!

Yesterday, while going to Yellowstone for free day, We drove by President Obama. His entourage was in the opposite lane, which meant I was within 20 feet of him, at most. That's closer than I could have gotten at any rally or speech.

I'll just tack that to one of my 2 celeb sightings. You are now all famous by association.