Pillow Talk

You know when you're at a slumber party, and who ever falls asleep first gets their bra put in the freezer, or their hand in warm water? I find another common occurrence is to start talking about said person. Good or bad. What is it about people sleeping that makes us think it's okay to talk about them? You KNOW they'll wake up when they hear their name. *They're probably faking anyway ;-)

*Although this post may reflect an actual scenario, I reassure you that this is completely hypothetical and no harsh feelings. Swear.


Duc(t)k Tape

Sooo... I have a wart. There I said it. In fact, I have two. I got them from working at the pool in high school. I finally decided to do something about it. Although I've already stood up to some ridiculing about my blue half cast on my foot, I'm trying the duct tape method. We'll see how this works. Apparently doctors recommend it. Who knew? 
(this picture of my foot is for you Katelyn)
And yes, I have to cover the whole foot or else it wont stay! Curse you sweaty feet!


In lite of my busy schedule

I don't know WHO picked my classes. But they planned my lunch break on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a time when literally everyone is in class. Not only that, but every one of my classes are at the bottom of the hill, and I live at the top of the hill. Meaning I stay on campus until I have to walk my butt home. (I hate the Drive or Walk campaign. The people who made it did not consider those who live at the Ridge. Which is weird because the world revolves around us). So, I stay on campus. ALL day. With nothing to do. And no one to eat lunch with. Maybe I'll get addicted to some television series and watch it in the privacy of the 2nd floor of the library between classes. Do homework you say? Study? What's that?


The Home Stretch

This (hopefully) is my final semester of college. I decided to fill my schedule with VERY challenging classes. 


Happy Anniversary Baby!

It is a happy anniversary indeed! Today is my one year of blogging. Thank you, thank you! We did it. Together! 

Let's take a look back at my first post. REASONS PEOPLE BLOG. If you can't quite recall, and you're too lazy to click the link here is a brief synopsis of why I think people blog. 
1. Diary
2. Bragging about their loved ones
3. Bragging about themselves
4. Bragging about losing weight
5. Blogstalking
6. To enlighten... bragging about how smart they are

Was I right? Or was I right?


Be A Man

Real men... Throw rocks really far. Build stuff. Chop wood. Tell funny jokes. Are Debonair. Ask girls on dates. Open doors. Write letters. Offers a jacket, even to cover a puddle. Make the first move. Drive. Fix the dishwasher (or call someone to fix the dishwasher). Take their kids to breakfast every Saturday so Mom can sleep in. Discipline and hold their ground. 

Most of all, make their woman feel like a lady.


Escalades Make You Skinny

My mom came from a generation of crash dieting. Everyone was always stocking their houses with grapefruits or slimfasts when they wanted to shed a few pounds for swim suit season. Now I think people have started to realize that living healthy is the best way to go about it. 

I heard today that chocolate makes your clothes shrink. You know what I say to that? Buy bigger clothes! Get some Thanks Giving Pants and embrace the Sundaes! I also realized from experience that if you get a bigger car, you feel like a smaller person. Thus, Escalades make you skinny. It's worth the investment.