Duc(t)k Tape

Sooo... I have a wart. There I said it. In fact, I have two. I got them from working at the pool in high school. I finally decided to do something about it. Although I've already stood up to some ridiculing about my blue half cast on my foot, I'm trying the duct tape method. We'll see how this works. Apparently doctors recommend it. Who knew? 
(this picture of my foot is for you Katelyn)
And yes, I have to cover the whole foot or else it wont stay! Curse you sweaty feet!


Anonymous said...

gosh you look great!

Harpski said...

bah ha ha, hmm, if this works let me know.

ol' blue foot Marion.

Harpski said...
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Lucy Lybbert said...

I'm pretty sure grandpa dyer rec. this method too... he told me once when I thought I had a wart. He supposively swears by it. Hope the blue works out for ya.

alexismunoadyer said...

I got mine burned off at the dr's once a week. Painful, but it worked. sorry dude.. oh isn't tha masking tape on your foot?