Happy Anniversary Baby!

It is a happy anniversary indeed! Today is my one year of blogging. Thank you, thank you! We did it. Together! 

Let's take a look back at my first post. REASONS PEOPLE BLOG. If you can't quite recall, and you're too lazy to click the link here is a brief synopsis of why I think people blog. 
1. Diary
2. Bragging about their loved ones
3. Bragging about themselves
4. Bragging about losing weight
5. Blogstalking
6. To enlighten... bragging about how smart they are

Was I right? Or was I right?


Quinn the Eskimo said...

I like #3 and #6 blogs the best, but that's just my personal preference

Kjrsten said...

1. sometimes guilty
2. really guilty
3. pretty much guilty
4. n/a
5. guilty
6. semi-guilty

you are always right. right?

anna said...

oh, don't forget my personal reasons for blogging:

#7. pretending to be a weightloss blogger but just talking about how many times a week they visit tacobell, 7-11 and mcdonalds

#8. being cynical of other bloggers

#9. pretending they have a cool life

mattb said...

#5 guilty.