In lite of my busy schedule

I don't know WHO picked my classes. But they planned my lunch break on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a time when literally everyone is in class. Not only that, but every one of my classes are at the bottom of the hill, and I live at the top of the hill. Meaning I stay on campus until I have to walk my butt home. (I hate the Drive or Walk campaign. The people who made it did not consider those who live at the Ridge. Which is weird because the world revolves around us). So, I stay on campus. ALL day. With nothing to do. And no one to eat lunch with. Maybe I'll get addicted to some television series and watch it in the privacy of the 2nd floor of the library between classes. Do homework you say? Study? What's that?


KAT said...

please you dont have to go to the second floor, just bring your computer anywhere you go. p.s dont watch greys anatomy on the first floor at 11 am..people look at you funny

toridickson said...

girl, what time is your lunch break?

barret said...

all of your problems will be solved in January.
make it until then.
i will be waiting.

actually i am waiting right now.
hurry up January.

anna said...

good luck staying in those classes. if you extend your "college experience" another semester, it wouldn't hurt you one bit. heck, if you extend a couple more years, you'd be none the wiser (or dumber, or whatever).

mattb said...

i did the same for a while..stayed on campus to "study" between classes/swimming/working at the pool. HA. Here is what I learned:
1. I was always caught up on my stories.
2. The cubbies on the first floor in the corner offer the best spots to watch said stories without being discovered.
3. There is no good lunch at the Nordic.
4. There is good lunch company in the Nordic.
5. The walk home is still the longest ass walk up hill I've ever made.

And i still didn't do any homework.

Thats all.

Anonymous said...

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