Go big or go home

Saw this in the library today. Check out the height on that sucker. Both of them. I don't know if you can tell, but hers is a good 5 inches higher than the top of her head. Impressive. 


Who's your doppelganger

Tell me they aren't the same woman?

Bad Day

I should have known it was going to be a rough day when I stubbed my toe this morning, and bled all over the bathroom floor. 

Because of the first aide I administered, I was a few minutes late getting out the door. 

About half way to school I remembered that I would be walking in to take a vocabulary test. One that I had not studied for. So, I whipped out my definitions and while juggling my book arts supplies, quickly reviewed on my way to class. I only dropped everything once. 

After class I went to the library to cut some rather large and expensive paper down so that I could turn it into a book. Once the paper was cut, I realized I had measured for the wrong dimensions. I would have to buy more paper and go to class unprepared. 

I didn't have time to get lunch, so I hurried to the Hart for Water aerobics. When I removed my boot, I saw that my bandage did not stop the blood flow, but my sock sure did. After I got out of the pool, I had to put my bloody sock back on.

On my way to class, I found a PB & J I had made earlier this week that I had forgotten about. It was delicious. 

On Thursdays, Book Arts starts 15 min after Water Aerobics gets out, not leaving much time to shower. Im usually late. Fortunately my teacher doesn't even care if we are there, but everyone goes because it is so fun. Except today wasn't very fun. I bought new paper, and cut it down to size. Only to find that I had made the same mistake as before. 

At this point my brain hurt with frustration, so I just called it a day. Now, I'm going to get a diet coke, and head over to the DI. Hopefully the 2nd half of my day will be better than the 1st.


Lunch Break

Senioritis is in full effect. Today I had class in the ceramics studio from 8 am till 2 pm. That is a crazy long time to be working with clay. Twice a week. When I found out my friends were going to Taco Bell in the middle of ceramics, I was more than happy to join them. (I LOVE me some Taco Bell, I go 5 times a week! Minimum!) The problem was I had just sat down in my second 3 hour block of pottery when I received the "I'm hungry" text. My teacher was in the middle of a demo, and I had to construct 5 bowls before the critique at 1:10. It was currently 11:00. Man, I really wanted that Taco bell. So what did I do? I did what anyone else would do. I whipped out 5 bowls in an hour, left class, ate a delicious cheesy bean and rice burrito, washed it down with a diet (my only one of the day, thank you) and went back to class in time for the critique. My teacher had no idea I was gone. 


Seeing Clearly

What you are seeing is for real. A proactive vending machine in the Idaho Falls mall. We may not have a Nordstrom, but you can have clear skin with the press of a button. Shipping and Handling free! Thanks Jessica!


Elephants and Donkeys... both stubborn

I think I am the antithesis to Tori's most recent blog. I'll start by saying that I too love my mac. I was trained on a Mac. But, I forgot how to use them, and relearned everything on PC. Not too long ago, I was judged for not being able to work a mac, despite my elementary computer classes.

My PC started out sucking and ended up sucking even more, so I went computer shopping.

I looked seriously into both. I agree with Myke, that many business and finance programs do not run on macs. Also the more expensive PC's run just as well as macs. Did I mention that most IT and IS majors prefer PC's? They know computers best, so maybe we should take that into account. Think of it like asking a mechanic verses a used car salesmen what kind of car to buy. Both might know a lot about cars, but I'm going to trust one over the other. But since I am a "Rec" (okay, University Studies) major, I don't have many qualifications for my computer, seeing as I mostly use it for music, facebook and other important things like blogging, I went with a mac. I bought my mac for 800 bucks, not THAT expensive. Unless I wanted to replace my exact piece-of-shiz dell (which I currently have propped up under my mac) I probably would have paid close to the same. Plus, macs are sooooooo indie.

But seriously, to each his own. Maybe everyone should be vaguely familiar with both, so that we democrats and republicans might co-exist.