Elephants and Donkeys... both stubborn

I think I am the antithesis to Tori's most recent blog. I'll start by saying that I too love my mac. I was trained on a Mac. But, I forgot how to use them, and relearned everything on PC. Not too long ago, I was judged for not being able to work a mac, despite my elementary computer classes.

My PC started out sucking and ended up sucking even more, so I went computer shopping.

I looked seriously into both. I agree with Myke, that many business and finance programs do not run on macs. Also the more expensive PC's run just as well as macs. Did I mention that most IT and IS majors prefer PC's? They know computers best, so maybe we should take that into account. Think of it like asking a mechanic verses a used car salesmen what kind of car to buy. Both might know a lot about cars, but I'm going to trust one over the other. But since I am a "Rec" (okay, University Studies) major, I don't have many qualifications for my computer, seeing as I mostly use it for music, facebook and other important things like blogging, I went with a mac. I bought my mac for 800 bucks, not THAT expensive. Unless I wanted to replace my exact piece-of-shiz dell (which I currently have propped up under my mac) I probably would have paid close to the same. Plus, macs are sooooooo indie.

But seriously, to each his own. Maybe everyone should be vaguely familiar with both, so that we democrats and republicans might co-exist.


Quinn the Eskimo said...

oooooh you shouldn't have brought politics into this. the two-party system is the root of all evil!

Amy Doll said...

Marion, your indie points are through the roof. Let's go shopping at obscure thrift stores like DI sometime. And listen to beareatsmountaingoat or something.

Vickie said...

LOL @ Amy.

I like my PC. But I also like Noemi's Mac. I can do a lot on both. I'm pretty computer savvy (hair toss). I like your analogy about the car mechanic and the used car salesman.

cmonayyy said...

damnit, macs are indie?

okay, i like macs.

Kjrsten said...

i am so geek squad with my pc.

pretty soon pc will be the new indie, because MAC will mean "SOLD OUT" "MAIN STREAM" "IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER"

Andrew said...

macs are for creative types. musicians, artists, what have you. pc's are for making spread sheets. i hate spread sheets. i'll take a mac any day. plus i like not getting viruses. and not having to renew spy wear licensing every 6 months. and not waiting 10 minutes every time i turn on my computer.