Happy Thanks Giving Time Everyone!
Thanks to my family, and my friends. And thanks to the Indians for teaching us about corn and how to cook a turkey and for the birth of the pie! YUM!
I wish this pilgrim were here this year to creep into all our photos again. Maybe he'll be at Christmas? Now go buy a lottery ticket



I'm in a musical rut. Any suggestions? Before you comment, remember I'm A Snob, and will probably judge you. I want something that will make me cry, not because I'm sad, but because it is THAT GOOD.

So let's hear it



Apparently, more people read my blog than I thought because the only people that comment are my siblings and my besties. Due to this, some people that I thought would never see this saw it, and were a little upset. All I can say is, "IM SOOOOO SORRY!" Ironic? I guess I didn't learn my lesson after all.


Aim, Shoot, A Basketball Hoop

You know when you are listening to a song you love, and someone else sings different lyrics that you haven't ever heard before? And suddenly, it occurs to you that what you've been singing has little to do with the song. 

One time [3 years ago] we were driving down to Portland, listening to Michael Jackson. I have loved Michael since I can remember [thank you Duffy]. I didn't realize that whatever lyrics I came up with when I was 8, probably aren't the right ones. That is until my brother called me out and asked if I was singing "Aim, shoot, a basketball hoop." [I totally was] I of course, was too embarrassed to fess up, so I told him that I was just mumbling and I didn't really know what I was singing. I didn't realize at the time, that faking that you know the lyrics is just as embarrassing as singing the wrong lyrics. 

When I was 8, it made sense for the lyrics to correspond to basketball because the video features Michael Jordan. [The Michaels shoot hoops together. Cute right?] Well apparently the correct lyrics are, "It ain't, too, much for me to" and Andrew was sure to let me know.

Pretty sure Kriss Kross [make ya wanna jump!] make a guest appearance. Watch till the end. It's worth it.


Where Idaho Begins

Some people hate Malad. I for one love it. I've been down to Utah so much in the past 5 years, probably 100+ times.  Weird that I wont be making that drive anymore. 


12:01 Marathon

The midnight Sharis run is very much like going for a run. We go every Sunday night. I know it's coming, so I mentally prepare myself all day. I know Im going to be tired, and exhausted, especially after, but I go anyway. Every time. And I LOVE it. There's some high I get from eating a full breakfast when I should be sleeping in preparation for my 8 am class (which I always end up skipping.) I tell myself Im just going to get a milkshake, but every time I end up getting a full meal. It's like being in the gym for an hour and a half even though I had just planned to run a mile. I figure I'm already tired and hurting, might as well, right? Good thing our trusty waiter Kenny is always working the night shift, and he loves me. He's always hookin [just] me up with free drinks or milk shakes. Makes the trip totally worth it! 


Scripture Power!

It might seem unusual, but for my 12th birthday, I opened up a new scripture set, and I was stoked. Yes, I liked my name being printed on the front, but I was mostly excited about the transparent pictures my parents got to go with it. I remember staying up late that night and putting them in. 

Flash forward 11 years, and Im still using the same triple combo. Im not so excited about those pictures now. In fact Im always a little humiliated when I turn to a page that has the cartoons on them, as if I need pictures to understand what's going on. Come on, I might be sitting by my eternal companion! 


That is sooooooooo Indie

Music. Shows. Going to shows. Talking about shows. Talking about music. Talking about music at shows. Talking. Talking. Talking.
Art. Specifically photography
Mac. For all of your creativity
Urban Outfitters
2nd hand anything. Especially clothing. 
Any shade of Turquoise or Sea-foam Green
Living the dream in the big city
Being broke
Bicycles. Walking. GO [Sea-foam] GREEN!
Vegetarianism/ Veganism 
Vinyl records (this includes recordings of digital music. I don't care what you say, it's not better. Analog is analog. Digital is digital)

Funny how we're all trying to be different, just like everybody else. Since when did Independent become so dependent? 

Disclaimer: I don't claim to be above any of these things and Im guilty for more than one. Don't be offended cause you know it's true. I love you.


90's Marion

Meet 90's Marion.
(She's the one holding the basket with the very live bunny)

She is like no one you have met before, or maybe she is like every 8 year old that is the baby of the family. She hated everything, including but not limited to: anything that might hurt, being teased by brothers, going to the mall, blow drying hair, and chicken. She often wore a side pony tail with a frown on her face. Of course the bottom lip would be protruding to emphasize sadness. In 2nd grade she was assigned to write down what her favorite things were. She wrote, "eating ice cream, being sad and rollerblading." (she added rollerblading because she thought she should have something active on there, but in truth, she hated being active.) Although it didn't quite make the list, she really liked horses and had posters of them on her walls from the Scholastic book fair.

I don't know when 90's Marion died, but sometimes I miss her... but mostly I don't.


Art Talk is the New Pillow Talk

The other night me and the girls had a sleep over. Before bed, we all had a little project to finish up. [Mine was the book pictures above] It's common for girls to open up when falling asleep, but I've never experienced such bonding as I did while craft talkin.

As I'm closing my college career, Im realizing how much I have grown since I've been here, and I attribute much of who I've become to moments like this. 

Tonight, Im thankful for [new] friends, for trust, and for creativity. 


Love at first flight... or not

I used to secretly hope to meet the man of my dreams on an airplane. I would spot him in security, and forget about him until I realise that somehow we were magically seated next to each other. We would share stories and laugh, completely forgetting the drink cart. When people would ask how we met, we would use a line like, "in the clouds."
This nearly happened to in my travels this last trip home. Well everything but the man of my dreams and falling in love part.
I sat down next to an older than me, unattractive man who did not care that I had obnoxiously large head phones on. He decided to talk to me anyway. He asked me what I was listening to, and told me he likes jazz. If you know me, you know I like music and I'm always open to discovering something new. So when he asked to plug my headphones into his Ipod, I let him, plus he seemed to know what he was talking about. Little did I know he'd be showing me bands like Rush, and Alanis Morissette, despite the fact I told him I am sexist and don't like girl "musicians." I hoped the flight attendant's encouragement to turn off all electronics would put an end to it. Of course it only riled him up and made him feel sneaky. Soon he was showing me crappy footage of his Mid Life Crisis band playing shows at a bar. I don't know how I did it, but somehow he gave me my headphones back and let me do my own thing.
When I took out my computer to watch a movie, he offered to let me use his promo code for free in flight wireless. Just as I thought he redeemed himself, he leaned over while I was putting in my information and said, "Now I know your name." I guess I'm just awaiting his facebook friend request.
When we got off the plane, I thought that would be the end of him, but to my dismay, he was on my returning flight out of Seattle. Needless to say I hid behind a pole until he got on board.