12:01 Marathon

The midnight Sharis run is very much like going for a run. We go every Sunday night. I know it's coming, so I mentally prepare myself all day. I know Im going to be tired, and exhausted, especially after, but I go anyway. Every time. And I LOVE it. There's some high I get from eating a full breakfast when I should be sleeping in preparation for my 8 am class (which I always end up skipping.) I tell myself Im just going to get a milkshake, but every time I end up getting a full meal. It's like being in the gym for an hour and a half even though I had just planned to run a mile. I figure I'm already tired and hurting, might as well, right? Good thing our trusty waiter Kenny is always working the night shift, and he loves me. He's always hookin [just] me up with free drinks or milk shakes. Makes the trip totally worth it! 


anna said...

anytime a waiter hooks you up, you should eat there as much as possible. especially on your salary.

emma grace said...

thats soo awesome i wish i could do that! have you seen the christmas carol! it was awesome i just saw it! it got a little scary for bella though!:)

alexismunoadyer said...

interesting that you'd compare eating breakfast food at 12am to running. i've always thought that being in a hot dog eating competition was a lot like running. you have to pace yourself, if you go to fast you'll throw up.