Aim, Shoot, A Basketball Hoop

You know when you are listening to a song you love, and someone else sings different lyrics that you haven't ever heard before? And suddenly, it occurs to you that what you've been singing has little to do with the song. 

One time [3 years ago] we were driving down to Portland, listening to Michael Jackson. I have loved Michael since I can remember [thank you Duffy]. I didn't realize that whatever lyrics I came up with when I was 8, probably aren't the right ones. That is until my brother called me out and asked if I was singing "Aim, shoot, a basketball hoop." [I totally was] I of course, was too embarrassed to fess up, so I told him that I was just mumbling and I didn't really know what I was singing. I didn't realize at the time, that faking that you know the lyrics is just as embarrassing as singing the wrong lyrics. 

When I was 8, it made sense for the lyrics to correspond to basketball because the video features Michael Jordan. [The Michaels shoot hoops together. Cute right?] Well apparently the correct lyrics are, "It ain't, too, much for me to" and Andrew was sure to let me know.

Pretty sure Kriss Kross [make ya wanna jump!] make a guest appearance. Watch till the end. It's worth it.


Vickie said...

i thought the Mariah Carey song "we belong together" said "i only think of you as breaking my heart" hahaha
but really it says "I think of you and it's breaking my heart" hahahahahaha! isn't that so funny? ha...ha...haaaah? no? ok, yeah i know. not funny

Andrew Robert said...
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Andrew Robert said...

its understandable that you would associate the lyrics with the video but how does one aim shoot a basketball hoop?

Keirra Dyer said...

funny...thanks for the laugh! Loving the king!! He was AMAZING!!!