I'm in a musical rut. Any suggestions? Before you comment, remember I'm A Snob, and will probably judge you. I want something that will make me cry, not because I'm sad, but because it is THAT GOOD.

So let's hear it


tori lynn dickson said...

the avett brothers new album: i and love and you

Casual Businessman said...

mt st helens vietnam band or leonad cohen or some good ol Bad Brains

Vickie said...

DON'T get Shakira's new album. It will make you cry because it will disappoint you. I really like Joshua Jame's new cd.

I'm in the process of making a love mix. Just for kicks and giggles. You want a copy?

barret said...

looks like everyone is too afraid of the "Snob" and can't make any suggestions.

barret said...

but here goes anyway:

I Am Leaving : Blue Roses
Funeral Singers : Califone
Camera Talk : Local Natives
Waitin' for a Superman : Iron & Wine
The Lake : Antony and the Johnsons
Two Doves : The Dirty Projectors

alexismunoadyer said...

doobie brothers. also michael mcdonald's solo career.

Anonymous said...

It's no lie that you have always admired ME and the music I listen to...Music that makes me happy:
There's this new band NSYNC they're just great :)But really:
A beautiful mess-jason mraz
Crazy Love-Michael Buble
I've really been into James Taylor lately :) Love him!!Listen to Sweet Baby James.

Miss you always love you much!
----Your one and only big bang