Love at first flight... or not

I used to secretly hope to meet the man of my dreams on an airplane. I would spot him in security, and forget about him until I realise that somehow we were magically seated next to each other. We would share stories and laugh, completely forgetting the drink cart. When people would ask how we met, we would use a line like, "in the clouds."
This nearly happened to in my travels this last trip home. Well everything but the man of my dreams and falling in love part.
I sat down next to an older than me, unattractive man who did not care that I had obnoxiously large head phones on. He decided to talk to me anyway. He asked me what I was listening to, and told me he likes jazz. If you know me, you know I like music and I'm always open to discovering something new. So when he asked to plug my headphones into his Ipod, I let him, plus he seemed to know what he was talking about. Little did I know he'd be showing me bands like Rush, and Alanis Morissette, despite the fact I told him I am sexist and don't like girl "musicians." I hoped the flight attendant's encouragement to turn off all electronics would put an end to it. Of course it only riled him up and made him feel sneaky. Soon he was showing me crappy footage of his Mid Life Crisis band playing shows at a bar. I don't know how I did it, but somehow he gave me my headphones back and let me do my own thing.
When I took out my computer to watch a movie, he offered to let me use his promo code for free in flight wireless. Just as I thought he redeemed himself, he leaned over while I was putting in my information and said, "Now I know your name." I guess I'm just awaiting his facebook friend request.
When we got off the plane, I thought that would be the end of him, but to my dismay, he was on my returning flight out of Seattle. Needless to say I hid behind a pole until he got on board.


Kjerstine said...

oh mar! i just laughed out loud hard core. totally sounds like something that happens to me when i fly to utah!

Quinn the Eskimo said...

stop fighting destiny marion dyer

Helga said...

I've been on a similar situation :) That really sucks :P

emma grace said...

well isint that wonderfull!:)

alexismunoadyer said...

though it may sound like it at times the lead singer of rush is not a girl.

anna said...

creepy gannah. just creepy. i'm laughing out loud. thanks for that.