That is sooooooooo Indie

Music. Shows. Going to shows. Talking about shows. Talking about music. Talking about music at shows. Talking. Talking. Talking.
Art. Specifically photography
Mac. For all of your creativity
Urban Outfitters
2nd hand anything. Especially clothing. 
Any shade of Turquoise or Sea-foam Green
Living the dream in the big city
Being broke
Bicycles. Walking. GO [Sea-foam] GREEN!
Vegetarianism/ Veganism 
Vinyl records (this includes recordings of digital music. I don't care what you say, it's not better. Analog is analog. Digital is digital)

Funny how we're all trying to be different, just like everybody else. Since when did Independent become so dependent? 

Disclaimer: I don't claim to be above any of these things and Im guilty for more than one. Don't be offended cause you know it's true. I love you.


ZacharyPaul said...
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alexismunoadyer said...

stuffwhitepeoplelike.com- this will cover all the basics.

the fastest way to become cool is to stop worrying about it.

Andrew said...

we are reliving the early 90s. grunge was huge! it was the rebellion against all pop culture. the ironic thing is that is was so hyped up that it became pop culture. before you know it swing music will be back.

anna said...

veganism, that's me.
chocolate is vegan, right?

i just finished off about a pound of those mini chocolate peanut butter cups from trader joes. i hate trader joes! isn't trader joes indie too?

Britt said...

Oh marion how I love you.. and to think I saw you through each step.. kinda. As an outsider I would say I can seet this here at this school, Utah meaning Park city, Wa and recently in Vegas- XOX

Quinn the Eskimo said...

The thing I love about the anti-establishment white people trends is that after they inevitably become popular, you have the people claiming they were a part of it before it was cool. Ha ha silly indie kids

cmonayyy said...

if being broke is cool, i'll gladly give up everything.