Some people think I don't do anything at school...

These are some of my projects from this semester


5 days

7 class periods
1 cake
1 box of 4 books
1 final

And that's it. Forever.


Your nose hairs will freeze!

That's not just an expression. It really happens. I've lived through 6 Rexburg winters. I think this is the coldest yet, and it's only December. Good thing Im heading South with the birds. This morning I was walking to class, and my breath froze. Im not just talking the white cloud when you talk. Im talking my scarf and hat strings had a white crystal encrusted all over by the time I got to school. I looked a lot like this guy.


Is it worth the cold?

It's not news to anyone that it's cold outside. So once the sun is down, I try not to leave my apartment. Which means my social life has taken a hit, and I've been watching a lot of TV. It doesn't help that it was just Thanks Giving break, and before that I was sick for a week and before that, I was in Utah. Thing is, Im graduating soon, so Im trying to accustom myself to a new social network. Except, Im starting to get bored. I don't think I thought this through very well. Perhaps braving the cold is worth it. If you want me, for now I'll be drinking cocoa and catching up on my stories.


Retraction. Part II

Due to further complaints, the blog "Linzi Parizio is a Total BRAT" has been deleted.


Unbecoming Comedian

So... Im funny. There I said it. Why do you think you read this? But here's the thing, lately I've been thinking about whether I really want to be known as "the funny girl." Here's why. Don't get me wrong. I love Kathy. Although crass at times, girl is hilarious! However, I've been thinking, no matter how feminine she dresses or how big her hair is, she just reminds me of a man! And it's not just Kathy. No matter how much makeup they put on, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Jenny Mccarthy, Ellen [wishes she were a man], and Parker Posie are a bit overwhelming. There is something about "the funny girl" that is overpowering and masculine.

So lately, I've been trying to tone it down. Just try and be "the laugher." Everyone likes the laugher, right? Well today I was walking to school, and I ran into a girl from my ward. We've been in the same ward for over a year now, but I still don't know this girl very well, but felt obligated to walk to class with her because we SHOULD know each other. Forgetting my rules of being "the laugher," I got on a roll and had this girl laughing so hard the whole way to school. Oh, how it feels good to do that. I even forgot it was -6 degrees outside.

Screw being the laugher