5 days

7 class periods
1 cake
1 box of 4 books
1 final

And that's it. Forever.


Kjrsten said...

1 PHD.

barret said...

this post + me reading it = me going into [an inner] jealous rage..... then being calmed because even if I'm still 3+ years away from it, at least your moving down here to be friends with me.

alexismunoadyer said...

ditto to both these comments.

Andrew Robert said...

you+midgey=pancakes at keith's x millie-gannah's jealous rage over beth mcnaughton's nordic track... then being calmed by watching the ghost of mrs muir + bella

Quinn the Eskimo said...

hahaha @ kjrsten. "lots of people go to school for 7 years"

anna said...

ya quinn, they're called Dyers.