Is it worth the cold?

It's not news to anyone that it's cold outside. So once the sun is down, I try not to leave my apartment. Which means my social life has taken a hit, and I've been watching a lot of TV. It doesn't help that it was just Thanks Giving break, and before that I was sick for a week and before that, I was in Utah. Thing is, Im graduating soon, so Im trying to accustom myself to a new social network. Except, Im starting to get bored. I don't think I thought this through very well. Perhaps braving the cold is worth it. If you want me, for now I'll be drinking cocoa and catching up on my stories.


Andrew Robert said...

catch up on your stories? what are you grandma clune? why don't you go down to that new restaurant in town, taco bell, and get yourself a sandwich.

eliza said...

we have taco bell in provo, although i know it won't be the same ... it is slightly less cold here though, that's a plus. also, you can read my blog now. but it's not as funny as yours

anna said...

or you could catch up on your blogging. that way i could catch up on your stories...er, life.