Unbecoming Comedian

So... Im funny. There I said it. Why do you think you read this? But here's the thing, lately I've been thinking about whether I really want to be known as "the funny girl." Here's why. Don't get me wrong. I love Kathy. Although crass at times, girl is hilarious! However, I've been thinking, no matter how feminine she dresses or how big her hair is, she just reminds me of a man! And it's not just Kathy. No matter how much makeup they put on, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Jenny Mccarthy, Ellen [wishes she were a man], and Parker Posie are a bit overwhelming. There is something about "the funny girl" that is overpowering and masculine.

So lately, I've been trying to tone it down. Just try and be "the laugher." Everyone likes the laugher, right? Well today I was walking to school, and I ran into a girl from my ward. We've been in the same ward for over a year now, but I still don't know this girl very well, but felt obligated to walk to class with her because we SHOULD know each other. Forgetting my rules of being "the laugher," I got on a roll and had this girl laughing so hard the whole way to school. Oh, how it feels good to do that. I even forgot it was -6 degrees outside.

Screw being the laugher


Britt said...

haha= silly you. It was good to see you last night!

Katherine said...

I agree with you for the most part, sometimes I think with my personality it would be easier in the dating world to be a boy, but at the end of the day i am so very thankful that I am a girl because that means I don't have to marry one and be stuck with one forever.
Also, i love boys.
The thing is you just need to find balance. You need to learn when it's time to shut it off and be serious. (Not you in particular, just funny girls [and people] in general) But if you are silly at heart, you just need a silly boy, and one will come.

alexismunoadyer said...

being the laughter sucks.
usually the laughter gets laughed AT...not with.
believe me. i live with andrew.

stick to your guns.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

you have no idea how badly i've wanted to (at different times in my life) hook up with jenny mccarthy, amy poehler and tina fey.
actually not that bad, as i'm not really into celebrities.
but to the small extent of love that i have ever had for celebrity hotties, i was definitely diggin on jenny mccarthey in her mtv (singled out, anyone?) days, tina fey when she first became the anchor for the snl weekly news segment, and amy poehler around 2004 when i saw her live at a comedy show in new york and she had on a pink t-shirt and her hair in pig tails. yeah . . .

Andrew Robert said...

Just don't start farting in public for a cheap laugh. you'll be fine if you just keep that as a rule of thumb.