Latch Key

Why was it that hot lunch is acceptable, but hot breakfast was not? It certainly said something about your home life. Kids who get hot breakfast might as well not use a backpack.

What is in children's backpacks anyway? One tiny folder to hold flyers? As an adult, I would scrap the backpack, and just carry the folder. So why did I judge the kids who thought ahead? Probably the same reason I judged kids that used airport backpacks.


Why does making a face make you stronger?

I was at the gym today, and I was using a machine that was directly across from a guy working on his shoulders. I was forced to watch this guy do his reps, and I couldn't help but wonder, did he just smell something bad? Or does contorting your nose and mouth actually help you lift more? Do I make that face when I lift weights? And how do I take a picture of him with my phone without being too obvious?


There's a dachshund in my bed

Watch closely to how my dog gets into my bed (sorry it's sideways) video



I always love these. Especially when they resemble real words, but aren't quite real.

I often find myself wanting to tell the blogger what my word is.


Comin up on 1 year

As I approach the land mark of being graduated for one year, I realize not a lot has happened in the last year. I blame it on Post College Crisis, or PCC if you will. It is like a midlife crisis, only I don't have the money to go out and buy a harley, or upgrade the twins, so I invested myself in self wallowing.

PCC. No one tells you about it, no one warns you of it. Your whole life you are told to go to school, go to college. Well you finish college, then what? Get a job. Check. Now what, what do you work for? Go to grad school? I learned how to do the bare minimum to pass, I'm not a student. I feel a little bit like I spent my entire life waiting to get out of jail, but now that I am, I'm lost. Can't I just go back to making license plates and belt buckles?

After a year, I've accepted that it's harder to make friends, it's hard to stay motivated, and it's hard to go to church alone. But I do it, so that the next leg of my life can start


Happy Halloween

This is my mom's favorite holiday, but
this my have been her favorite day of all time


Crime does not pay

My rebellious streak started and ended with the robbery of the local Pay N Save. I was probably about 5 years old at the time. I was there shopping with my mom when I spotted some much needed balloons at eye level, right next to the check out. (Well placed Pay N Save.) I told my mom how much I needed them. She snapped back with something that sounded like you can't have anything you want. So I took the matter into my own hands and STOLE the balloons. I suddenly acted bored with the store and told my mom I'd meet her in the car. She had no idea. When she got in the car, she heard some balloon mischief coming from the way back. About a 10th of a second later, she had the hatch open and was already in the store returning the goods.

Lesson learned: Mom knows.


Sometimes you cry till you laugh

It's funny that Flex posted this because tonight I made a much needed Mcdonalds run for a good mix of coke, and as I bit into my tear soaked cookie, I thought about how I was literally eating my feelings.


Too Much Technology

As a stay at home mom [for the week], I've been watching a lot of TV. (I hear it's part of the job description). Day time TV has a whole new breed of commercials. Everything being advertised is for *cleaning products. What are they trying to say? Are homes with house-wives more clean than those without? Also, what's this business about spin brush technology? Or scrubbing action technology? Every commercial advertises some sort of specialized technology to make their product the best. Doesn't technology refer to Wifi, Apples, fun cookers and CSI? Whatever happened to a little elbow grease to get something clean?

I found myself telling my pseudo-children that they've been on the computer too long, they need to go play outside and get away from technology. No matter what we do, technology just wont leave us alone.

Oh well, at least now we can enhance our exact location. Thanks Google Maps!

*Unless you're on the game show channel. Those commercials are for diabetes and petmeds


What's in a name?

Whenever I am asked something unique about me, I always say that I was named after my twin aunts. However, it's when I tell them my name, they really get thrown through a loop. There aren't a lot of Marion's in the world, but at least enough that you know it's not a made up name. When I introduce myself, it's always followed by a list of references.

See: Maid Marion
Marion the Librarian
Marion G Romney (my favorite reference in Utah)
Marion Cotillard
Marion Lybbert
Marion Donovan (the inventor of disposable diapers)

This becomes especially difficult when restaurants ask for a name to associate my order with. I don't have enough time to give them a person to familiarize them with, so I try especially hard to annunciate, but Im always left picking up food for MARY, MARY-ANN, and MIRIUM.
One day I had a big idea to say my name is "M" to avoid the confusion. can't mix that up right? Wrong. The cashier looked at me like I was crazy, and was like JUST M??? Yes, JUST m. Lot's of people go by M, but it's usually written Em. Either way, pronounced M. I ignored the girl and figured she was just an idiot and waited for my french toast. When my order was up, it sat on the counter with another order than had been ready for a while, but they took a while to come pick it up. When she saw my ticket, instead of just reading what it says, she called out to the cashier, "WHAT IS THIS M????" (With a terrible Utah accent and a look of horror on her face). Apparently, she's an idiot too. During her confusion, the people that the old french toast belonged to snatched up my new warm french toast, and I was stuck with their cold order.

Now I don't know what to tell them. Good thing french toast is bottomless


Bonbons and Soaps

For the next week, I will be the single mom of these 3.
This first morning went great. Everyone woke up on time, had breakfast, brushed everything that needs brushing, remembered their lunches and ran off to school. We'll see if they have this much enthusiasm tomorrow. Until then, I have the next 6 hours to myself to catch up on my stories.




and my favorite,


My Deep Dark Secret

My Screen name was [is] QTGirl164.


A Purse War, On A Global Scale

Exhibit A: My mom leaves her purse in the Pendleton Wendy's, Sunday August 29. About 20 minutes after continuing our journey, we receive a phone call informing us of the incident. After retrieving the missing goods, we were pleased to discover that all items were in place, including a large sum of cash.

Exhibit B: My sister in law leaves her purse at the Spokane Jack in the Box, Sunday September 12. The purse was discovered missing over an hour later. When retrieved, all items were accounted for, including my Ipod.

Exhibit C: A few hours later on that same September Sunday, I left my purse at the Missoula Taco Bell. It was discovered as soon as we got back onto the highway. Once again, all items were still there.

My conclusion: The Pacific Northwest is honest. Also, never travel on a Sunday... or maybe it was because it was Sunday that everyone was feeling especially honest.


Tell us a story!!!!

I went camping a month ago with my nieces ages 7 & 8. After settling into our sleeping bags, they begged, "Mare tell us a story!" "Yeah! One from when you were little!" I couldn't think of one, and I was tired, but they kept probing me and giving me ideas. So I thought and I thought and I told them a dumb story from my childhood. When I was done, they compared it to stories about them and asked for more. Pretty soon, I didn't need too much coaxing, and I just started rattling off stories. After a while, we quit telling stories and went to sleep.
When they woke up in the morning, I was still asleep in the tent, and my brother in law was helping them with breakfast. He asked them how sharing a tent with me was when Lilly replied, "uhh? it was good. But Mare wanted to tell SO many stories! I just wanted to go to bed, but she just wanted to keep telling stories!"

You can't win



I count.

A lot.

When Im walking home, I count my steps. When I drive long distances, I count the miles. When I run, I count the minutes. No seconds. When I'm bored and I want time to pass. I count.



The Format

Looking back on past posts, I've noticed that I have a blogging format. It is as follows....

Funny/ Attention grabbing title

(Possible Related Picture)

Paragraph that makes fun of something that everyone does.

Quick change to real subject of blog, which is to make fun of something else that everyone does.

Closing one liner to tye it all together

(If I only I learned how to structure my papers so well)


Hanging out with pregnant girls makes me think I rule the world

I have about 3 friends in Provo. 2 of which are my sisters in law. They are both pregnant. It's very exciting having these babies coming. That will nearly double my Provo friend count. However, I don't think it's a good idea for me to be spending so much time with them. I think Im tricking my body to think Im pregnant. I eat when they do, what they eat and the same amount. Im to the point where when Im not with them, I still want pickles and ice cream, and very sour sprite sounds good. Let's just say my pants don't fit how they used to. I blame it on the baby weight. I just don't understand why no one runs out to buy me watermelon the second I crave it?

It's 11 pm, and all I want is a turkey sandwich.


Separated at birth? Perhaps

Good news. I think Im related to Michael Jackson



I took a sculpting class, back in college (I love that I can say that). I took it twice. I dropped out after a month because it was summer, and the class started at 3 and we all know that's prime swimming time. So, I retook it the following semester. Both times I sculpted an Abe Lincoln bust. The first time, it looked like a complete cartoon. It was embarrassing really. By the 2nd go at it, I was actually proud of my work. Unfortunately, I didn't document it because pictures don't do art justice, unless the art is pictures, and well..

Anyway, now I have a weird fascination with Abe. It's probably because I spent a collective 3 months starring at his face. The man had incredible features. Don't be surprised if my husband looks like him.



I recently revisited my roots up in Rexburg, Id. I realized how much I loved my time there, and I must admit that I miss it a little. So I've devised a plan, and all of your are welcome to join me. I decided to be a Rexburg Sunbird. When Im 75 and retired, Im going to spend every summer back in the great metropolis living the life of my youth. I'll spend my days going to Horkley's for cheap fountain drinks, going to Porter Park and bridge jumping. Imagine if we were all Sunbirds... It would be just like the old days!


June 5. pt 2

My mom was always the best at making birthdays special. It was YOUR day. I always would get flowers or balloons at school, and maybe treats for my class. And as if all the attention at school wasn't enough, I'd always come home to a clean room with a candy bar on my bed, and have a party later with presents.

As I've turned 24, I've been thinking about what makes birthdays special celebrating on my own. I've decided that I like everyone else's birthdays more than my birthday. It is nice getting 35 extra facebook notifications and all, but I think I like to have the excuse to do something fun, or eat way too much, while someone else gets the attention.

but..... I do like doing (eating) whatever I want, guilt free


Gum Chewers

I didn't chew gum for close to 5 years. This is because I have Bum-Jaw Syndrome (TMJ) and it used to cause incredible pain. Due to my withdrawal, I spent those 5 years talking myself out of the temptation to chew. After a while, I realized how disgusting gum chewing is. I mean, you have the same particle in your mouth for hours at a time, often times to mask something that should just be washed out, and it is usually disposed of in a despicable manor ie, under desks, onto side walks or swallowed to sit in your belly for 7 years. Sometimes we want to save it for later, so we'll put it on the edge of our plates or behind the ear, like in Willy Wonka. It's all nasty, and yet it's totally acceptable.

Since, I have started chewing again. But only a half a piece at a time. (It's all my little mouth can take).

Today, I spit my gum onto a cross walk. I hate myself.


Listen to this

"music has become a mere complement to our lives. we listen to our ipods while we do everything – walk, workout, study, but rarely while we listen. what used to fill halls and ballrooms is now compressed into a series of ones and zeros and only fills our hard drives. formerly it would compel folks to come from miles around and wait months in anticipation, but it now heels like a faithful but under appreciated dog to our comings and goings, tethered to us by a leash of headphones. tonight we have a listening party where we'll listen to a complete album in silence. we check our appetite for multitasking and give music our full and undivided attention. we loose one of man's best friends and see where he leads us as he fills the greatest of stages – our minds."

Although that may be true to most, there are still a select few who appreciate music for what it is, I venture to say those who are in this room. That is what brings us here tonight. I know music will compelle you, and give you no choice but to sit and listen. I know music will draw you to tears, if you let it. This week, I selected Menomena, Friend and Foe. This unconventional album draws out contrasting emotions every time I listen to it, and I hope it will do the same for you. After a long period of neglecting this album, when I finally listen to it again, I have the same warmness overcome me as I did the with my first listen, like an old friend. Im sure you all have numerous artists that do the same for you.

I give you, Menomena



Star Gazing

Many of you know that this is the season for the Sundance Film Festival here in Utah. This is the week where movies, parties and celebs take over Park City. I am yet to experience the hubbub of the hustle and bustle. My roommates on the other hand, drove up the canyon on the first night to get in on the action. They ended up seeing one of the Hills characters, and have been dazed since.

I don't really understand the hype, but then I think about the first time I saw Hugh Grant. Let's first address that out of all the celebrities in the world, I've seen like 2 in real life, and I happened to see one of them twice. My first encounter was in Europe of all places. I was in 7th grade, and we happened to hear about the premier for Mickie Blue Eyes. I stood in a crowd of hundreds of people and balanced on tippy toes to catch a glimpse of the dreamy romantic comedy star. I was beyond excited. We girls were giggling and laughing the whole way back to the tube, as if Hugh had givin us his number, or even winked at us specifically.

[A little secret about me is if I am excited about something, I get louder. Which is probably why I was always getting busted for talking in class, even though it was Brittany Coughran gettin me goin.]

So there I was, on my celebrity high, when one of our chaperones snapped, "Marion, calm down! It's not even that cool."

And from then on, I lost my fascination in movie stars.


Foreshadowing my future?

I play farmville. There I said it. My farm is doing pretty well too, not to brag or anything (or is it really bragging when it just reveals I do nothing with my spare time?)

As a farmer, you can plant flowers and vegetables and trees, and you also can have animals. Like real farmers. You try to earn points by "harvesting" a lot of crops and doing a good job taking care of your farm. The more points you earn, the higher the level you go up, and you can buy more things to put on your farm. In addition to this, you earn ribbons to motivate you to be a better farmer.

Well over time, I've acquired a lot of cats. I used to pile them all together because I thought it was funny, but they started moving around, and now they are taking over my farm. To prove how bad it is, I have recently been awarded the "farmville cat lady" ribbon.

Thanks farmville.


Clumsy Me

Well let's start by saying, Happy New Year to you! I hope everyone's holiday was enjoyable. I always revert to my grade school days when I go home and disconnect myself from any world outside of my parent's house.
Today has been a busy day of moving in. After making close to 100 trips from my car to my apartment, I stocked up on supplies and cleaned out Walmart. I don't like to make more than one trip from my car to the apartment, so I will load up 3 carts worth of groceries onto my 2 arms and suffer through the walk. I was proceeding with the usual method, when I reached up to close the tailgate of my car, I smacked the bridge of my nose with the door. Although it hurt, my fingers were losing circulation, so I continued home. About half way, I noticed something that I thought was black smudge on my nose. When I got inside, I reached up to wipe the smudge off, covering my hand in blood. I ran to the bathroom to find a *tiny slit across the bridge of my nose where the gate had hit it. Perfect. Just in time for my interview in an hour.
The good news is, Im over half way moved into my apartment.

*I think there must be another cut somewhere cause there is no way all that blood could come from that little speck