Star Gazing

Many of you know that this is the season for the Sundance Film Festival here in Utah. This is the week where movies, parties and celebs take over Park City. I am yet to experience the hubbub of the hustle and bustle. My roommates on the other hand, drove up the canyon on the first night to get in on the action. They ended up seeing one of the Hills characters, and have been dazed since.

I don't really understand the hype, but then I think about the first time I saw Hugh Grant. Let's first address that out of all the celebrities in the world, I've seen like 2 in real life, and I happened to see one of them twice. My first encounter was in Europe of all places. I was in 7th grade, and we happened to hear about the premier for Mickie Blue Eyes. I stood in a crowd of hundreds of people and balanced on tippy toes to catch a glimpse of the dreamy romantic comedy star. I was beyond excited. We girls were giggling and laughing the whole way back to the tube, as if Hugh had givin us his number, or even winked at us specifically.

[A little secret about me is if I am excited about something, I get louder. Which is probably why I was always getting busted for talking in class, even though it was Brittany Coughran gettin me goin.]

So there I was, on my celebrity high, when one of our chaperones snapped, "Marion, calm down! It's not even that cool."

And from then on, I lost my fascination in movie stars.


Foreshadowing my future?

I play farmville. There I said it. My farm is doing pretty well too, not to brag or anything (or is it really bragging when it just reveals I do nothing with my spare time?)

As a farmer, you can plant flowers and vegetables and trees, and you also can have animals. Like real farmers. You try to earn points by "harvesting" a lot of crops and doing a good job taking care of your farm. The more points you earn, the higher the level you go up, and you can buy more things to put on your farm. In addition to this, you earn ribbons to motivate you to be a better farmer.

Well over time, I've acquired a lot of cats. I used to pile them all together because I thought it was funny, but they started moving around, and now they are taking over my farm. To prove how bad it is, I have recently been awarded the "farmville cat lady" ribbon.

Thanks farmville.


Clumsy Me

Well let's start by saying, Happy New Year to you! I hope everyone's holiday was enjoyable. I always revert to my grade school days when I go home and disconnect myself from any world outside of my parent's house.
Today has been a busy day of moving in. After making close to 100 trips from my car to my apartment, I stocked up on supplies and cleaned out Walmart. I don't like to make more than one trip from my car to the apartment, so I will load up 3 carts worth of groceries onto my 2 arms and suffer through the walk. I was proceeding with the usual method, when I reached up to close the tailgate of my car, I smacked the bridge of my nose with the door. Although it hurt, my fingers were losing circulation, so I continued home. About half way, I noticed something that I thought was black smudge on my nose. When I got inside, I reached up to wipe the smudge off, covering my hand in blood. I ran to the bathroom to find a *tiny slit across the bridge of my nose where the gate had hit it. Perfect. Just in time for my interview in an hour.
The good news is, Im over half way moved into my apartment.

*I think there must be another cut somewhere cause there is no way all that blood could come from that little speck