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"music has become a mere complement to our lives. we listen to our ipods while we do everything – walk, workout, study, but rarely while we listen. what used to fill halls and ballrooms is now compressed into a series of ones and zeros and only fills our hard drives. formerly it would compel folks to come from miles around and wait months in anticipation, but it now heels like a faithful but under appreciated dog to our comings and goings, tethered to us by a leash of headphones. tonight we have a listening party where we'll listen to a complete album in silence. we check our appetite for multitasking and give music our full and undivided attention. we loose one of man's best friends and see where he leads us as he fills the greatest of stages – our minds."

Although that may be true to most, there are still a select few who appreciate music for what it is, I venture to say those who are in this room. That is what brings us here tonight. I know music will compelle you, and give you no choice but to sit and listen. I know music will draw you to tears, if you let it. This week, I selected Menomena, Friend and Foe. This unconventional album draws out contrasting emotions every time I listen to it, and I hope it will do the same for you. After a long period of neglecting this album, when I finally listen to it again, I have the same warmness overcome me as I did the with my first listen, like an old friend. Im sure you all have numerous artists that do the same for you.

I give you, Menomena


Vickie said...

This was beautiful.

barret said...

shoot dang.
i need to post mine from last week.

also - i thank you for your choice.
Michael Jackson would have been good, but this was really interesting and I loved it.

john dunbar said...

muiriom, when are you going to feature "no strings attached"?

john dunbar said...
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