Gum Chewers

I didn't chew gum for close to 5 years. This is because I have Bum-Jaw Syndrome (TMJ) and it used to cause incredible pain. Due to my withdrawal, I spent those 5 years talking myself out of the temptation to chew. After a while, I realized how disgusting gum chewing is. I mean, you have the same particle in your mouth for hours at a time, often times to mask something that should just be washed out, and it is usually disposed of in a despicable manor ie, under desks, onto side walks or swallowed to sit in your belly for 7 years. Sometimes we want to save it for later, so we'll put it on the edge of our plates or behind the ear, like in Willy Wonka. It's all nasty, and yet it's totally acceptable.

Since, I have started chewing again. But only a half a piece at a time. (It's all my little mouth can take).

Today, I spit my gum onto a cross walk. I hate myself.