I recently revisited my roots up in Rexburg, Id. I realized how much I loved my time there, and I must admit that I miss it a little. So I've devised a plan, and all of your are welcome to join me. I decided to be a Rexburg Sunbird. When Im 75 and retired, Im going to spend every summer back in the great metropolis living the life of my youth. I'll spend my days going to Horkley's for cheap fountain drinks, going to Porter Park and bridge jumping. Imagine if we were all Sunbirds... It would be just like the old days!


June 5. pt 2

My mom was always the best at making birthdays special. It was YOUR day. I always would get flowers or balloons at school, and maybe treats for my class. And as if all the attention at school wasn't enough, I'd always come home to a clean room with a candy bar on my bed, and have a party later with presents.

As I've turned 24, I've been thinking about what makes birthdays special celebrating on my own. I've decided that I like everyone else's birthdays more than my birthday. It is nice getting 35 extra facebook notifications and all, but I think I like to have the excuse to do something fun, or eat way too much, while someone else gets the attention.

but..... I do like doing (eating) whatever I want, guilt free